Multiband Associates Give Back: The Lexington Office

December 18th, 2013

This is a picture of the ops manager and one of the associates from the Lexington Office. We had an Associate Appreciation Day – our Ops and the General Manager cooked huge pots of chili. When our appreciation day was over, we called a local soup kitchen and had them pick up the remaining 5 gallon container of chili.  Not only did the chili keep us warm but it also warmed our spirits to know that a few more families would not go hungry that night!

It’s a Tough Job… by Trevor Walter

December 5th, 2013

I have been working with Multiband for about 4 months now in the field, and I have to say, I really enjoy the challenges that come with this job. I have dealt with my fair share of cold, wet crawl spaces to areas in which I feel that most people would not even think about entering, even the customers themselves. Either way, I know that I have a job to do for each location that I arrive at.

The day of 12/3/13 was by far the most challenging so far for me. It was not a dirty environment nor a place that was cold and difficult to get to. It was the initial wiring of the home done by the customer’s relative. The entire house was wired so that anything that was played from the TV in the living room would be viewed throughout the entire house cabling system.

Before I arrived I felt that this ‘upgrade’ was going to be fairly simple and consist of a couple receivers being swapped and an ODU upgrade. Instead, what I found was the whole wiring for the house’s “Super Mirror” was entwined within the DIRECTV cabling!

So I started tracing out the cables from where I thought were coming from the ODU and Upgraded the system to SWiM. When I was to the point of swapping out the receivers for the Genie system, I found that two of the four lines I thought were the ones from the ODU were not. Later, throughout my backtracking, I found that I had spliced into the mirroring cables.

At this point, I can make a long story short and say that I was able to reconnect the mirrored lines and successfully got the customer up and running with his new whole home DVR system with his whole home mirror system. My thoughts were that this upgrade would take about an hour when, in reality,it end up taking five. No matter that the job took longer than presumed; it was a great learning experience.

Trevor Walter

Grand Rapids Market

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It’s a Tough Job… by Robert Dennis

December 5th, 2013

While in training, I met another Technician to help on a 4-box install. The customer said that his wife would be there and she would be able to answer any questions for us. We performed a site survey, went over it with her, and followed through with the install. A few days later, the customer contacted us about the location of the ODU and met with our Tech Supervisor about this. He was unhappy because he would have to mow around it and he also did not like the way the wiring was ran underneath the mobile home. My Tech Supervisor decided to send me out there to try to make him happy.

When I arrived, he was furious about the install. He asked me if I would have that done at my own home and wanted to know why we left wiring loose under the home. After listening to the customer for about five minutes, I calmly asked what he would do differently. He started to explain that he would like the dish to be moved about twenty feet further from the home so he wouldn’t have to mow around it, and he had some more specific details about the cabling because he planned to use part of the area under the mobile home for storage.

I apologized to him because we were unaware he wanted to use the area in question for storage and also explained that we placed the ODU where it was to get the best signal. I went on to explain that we did not consider the place he recommended because it appeared to be part of someone else’s property. He verified his property lines and assured me that his recommended location was, in fact, a part of his property. I explained to him that we normally do not move dishes for customers for convenience but we are going to today for your loyalty to DIRECTV. He offered to help with the trench and was there right beside me every step of the way. He was very thankful after the install that I was willing to assist with his concerns and offered me supper after the install along with a bag of freshly grown banana, habenero, and jalapeño peppers from their garden to take home!

Robert Dennis II

Paducah Market

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Customer-Nominated Great Jobs!

August 30th, 2013

Rhonda Schumm
Customer Jose Zamora wanted us to know how big of a help Rhonda has been today. He has had many issues getting set up with services because he originally went through DIRECTV to set up an account, and the Tech came out and advised it was MDU, so he was not able to install the customer so had him contact us. DIRECTV refused to cancel the already created order, so we were unable to complete the sale. This went on for 5 long days and countless hours of talking to us and DIRECTV. Customer stated he was ready to just Cancel and give up on the idea because he no longer wanted to go through DIRECTV for services, yesterday he spoke with a CSR from CSS and they were able to get DTV to cancel the order but then there was no programming in DWS to select. He said he was going to call us to give it one more try to see if we could complete it. He called today and got Rhonda on the phone. She was able to calm the customer down by explaining everything for him so he could understand and she was patient, understanding and had a great attitude and now he is very excited to work with our company and getting services set up. Customer stated that we need “a million more Rhonda’s” working for our company. Customer’s exact words were “Thank God for Rhonda.”

Audrey Thayer
​Audrey, You have seriously just gained 10x business because of your actions in the last week. The buzz from the boys is amazing; we truly feel like your only customer right now. Keep up the great work!

Joshua Rudnick
In all my years of dealing with Service Technicians, I have never come across one as professional, courteous, honest and knowledgeable as my technician today, Josh.  He is obviously a dedicated and self-motivated Associate who takes pride in his work.  Josh came  to replace a cable going to your box, a job that he accomplished in a matter of minutes.  However,he saw another problem while he was here.  He could very easily have just left and not said a word because he corrected the problem that I called about.  Due to his sense of loyalty to the customer and to DIRECTV,Josh pointed out how the initial contract installation was done incorrectly and corrected the flawed installation.  We will forever be grateful to Josh and because of his exceptional customer service for us, we will recommend DIRECTV to all of our friends.  Please commend Josh for his exceptional performance and for his dedication to your company.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs!

August 23rd, 2013

Benjamin Roach
​Angelina Papamihiel would like to recognize Ben for his wonderful customer service. She felt he went beyond the call of duty to help her fix her services. She stated he worked with her caregiver to restore her service over the phone. She was also thankful Ben was able to assist with her billing questions.

Marwan Adam
​I had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Mooney for her custom work and she was very pleased with Marwan Adam. She claims that she is very “untechie” but Adam was awesome, very patient, and very professional. She was very pleased with her installation.

Monica Balderrama
Marlene wanted to say how wonderful and fantastic the service she received from Monica was. She stated she performed well, handled herself like an expert and went above and beyond. She said the world would be a better place if more people were like Monica. Congratulations and way to go!

Keep up the Great Work, Everyone!

Multiband’s Social Media State Fair

August 7th, 2013

August 2013 Social Media State Fair

This month, Multiman is hosting some week-long State Fair challenges – and we want you to participate!

Winners of each competition will earn 50 Points - so make sure that you’re sending in your pictures and voting on your favorites!

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Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

August 2nd, 2013

Josephine Velasquez
Marble Davis wanted to speak to Josephine’s supervisor to let us know she was attentive, able to listen and has a patient voice. She knew to call the customer back when the phone dropped the call and not knowing that she was having phone issues at the time. She stated what a great job Josephine did by resolving her matter and was very patient. Great job, Josephine!

Doug Nayes
Customer Barbara Pflaumer wants to commend Doug for his persistance in working to resolve the issue she is having. She has older TVs and she informed me that Doug is continuing to research solutions for her so that she can utilize her DIRECTV services. Keep up the great work, Doug!

Great Job Nominations from Customers!

July 26th, 2013

Here are a few people that have provided excellent customer service in the last week. We appreciate all their hard work! If you happen to work with any of these people make sure to give them recognition in person.

William Valentine
Our technician, Michael Valentine, arrived right on time after calling and giving a nice call to let us know he was on his way. He arrived at our house and assed the situation and immediately began to tell us how we could maximize our service from DIRECTV. He went above and beyond to make sure our installation equipment was well installed and looked clean. He did NOT have to do all that he did to get rid of old wiring and equipment. He reached out and offered lots of installation advice. He spent extra time to make sure all TVs were showing great picture quality, and we were getting the best service. I could go on and on about how great Michael was for my husband and me. He is an asset to your DIRECTV installation team, and I wanted to make sure you knew how great he was.

Ahmed Alhuseinat
Ms. Jeanne Donaldson called me to tell me she thought Ahmed was the kindest DIRECTV rep she has encountered. She was very impressed with his attitude and knowledge. Well done, Ahmed!

Fun Facts about Solar Energy

July 25th, 2013

As we all know, Multiband is a diverse and ever-expansive company. Have you visited and discovered all the various aspects of Multiband? If you haven’t, you should!

One of Multiband’s lesser-known yet very exciting divisions (Renewable Energy) actually deals with Solar Energy options – let’s explore some fun facts about Solar Energy!

Did you Know?

    - Less than 5% of the stars in the Milky Way are brighter or more massive than the sun?
    - Every second, 600 million tons of protons are converted into helium atoms in the Sun to be released as energy. Humankind only needs, on average, about 1/10,000 that amount of energy for its total consumption.
    - The Sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth. It takes 8.3 minutes for light to travel this distance.
    - The Sun is expected to exhaust its supply of hydrogen in about 5 billion years, at which time it will collapse under its own weight and become very hot. Eventually, it will become big enough to swallow the orbits of Venus and even Earth.
    - Solar has less than 1% adoption rate in the United States – how can you help improve this statistic?
    - Solar panels are strung together like Christmas tree lights – that means, if one panel goes out, the whole system goes down. It also means that typical solar arrays are very sensitive to shading (everything either adds or takes away from total system performance). That’s why microinverters are so interesting – each panel becomes its own production plant.
    - Solar panel technology hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years.

    (This information was taken from

    Great Jobs!

    July 19th, 2013

    Here are a few people that have provided excellent customer service in the last week. We appreciate all their hard work! If you happen to work with any of these people make sure to give them recognition in person.

    John Carsey
    After completing the service call he was there for he asked the customer’s son if all was going well when he played his PlayStation. The customer’s son said his gaming experience was not all that good. John showed him how to go through system with Ethernet, and the son was very impressed. The mother is a sports fanatic, so John showed her how to hold down the play button and have the TV go into live slow motion; she actually said, “WOW! How cool!”

    Rhonda Schumm
    Thomas Lowe would like to recognize Rhonda for her outstanding service. He stated he has been in customer service before and has spoken with many people and Rhonda was one of the most helpful and courteous representatives he has spoken with. She was able to assist him and he stated he wanted to make sure she was recognized as an asset to the company. Great job, Rhonda! Keep up the great work!

    Chance Fierke
    Joseph called to be sure to pass along how great of a Technician he had in his home. He said Chance was out to do an install. Joe is a bed-ridden homeowner. The words he used to describe chance were as follows: overwhelming patience, excellent demeanor, polite, refreshing, dignity was refined, very decent young man, has capacity only a person in his (Joe’s) state could really appreciate, spectacular. Great Work!

    Rochenel Jean Baptiste
    ​Estella Guery wanted to recognize Roch for his outstanding service today. She said on a scale of 1 to 10, he was a 20! She stated he gave her all the options and didn’t try to rush her off the phone, and that he was very pleasant to speak with.

    Abraham Feliz
    In the service industry you must hear a multitude of complaints. This email is far from that. Your technician, Abraham, installed my DIRECTV service yesterday, July 11th. The technician is the true face of DIRECTV. How he or she handles themselves in front of the customer is critical to the success of the business. Abraham is the epitome of what a technician should be. He represents himself in a very professional manner. Customer satisfaction is paramount to him along with doing the job right. He is a very valuable asset to the organization and should be recognized as such. These type of dedicated technicians are few and far between. It was an absolute pleasure having him install our system. His attention to detail and dedication to doing a good job were impressive. I feel strongly that he should be rewarded for a job well done. Kudos to Abraham! Thank you for allowing me to express my complete satisfaction in a job well done!

    Great Job, Everyone – Keep up the Good Work!