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Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, October 13th, 2014

WEEK OF 10/5/2014

I’m a new DIRECTV customer, and Shannon Johnson was assigned to our home today to install our service.

First, I should tell you that we “fired” Comcast and came over to DIRECTV because of constant service problems and communication snafus. So, believe me, I was very much looking forward to seeing the level of service we would receive today during our DIRECTV installation.

Frankly, we were beyond impressed. The fact is, we were just blown away.

Firstly, Shannon was immediately warm and friendly, in addition to his highly professional demeanor. We had several rooms, several questions, several nitty-gritty details, and his ability to comfortably and quickly take care of it all showed his in-depth technical knowledge and his concern for our needs.

I also found Shannon to be a great trainer; once everything was installed and running, he delivered training to us on the remotes, DVR, On Demand, PIP, etc. in such a way that I immediately caught on. He also concerned himself with finding out what features we felt we would use the most, and then spent even more time teaching those specific features, even having me handle the remote and taking me through examples. It was just awesome. He creates a superior customer service experience simply by being himself.

Overall, this is the easiest, smoothest, most pleasant experience we have ever received in getting television service installed. As you are likely well aware, it is the “troops on the front lines”, the consumer-facing team members, that are the biggest drivers of long-term brand loyalty. Shannon is an exemplary brand ambassador. It is obvious that he absolutely loves his job, and his company. You can be very proud that he represents your firm, and through your firm also builds a good reputation for your client, DIRECTV.

Thanks for this opportunity to express our appreciation.

I wanted to personally send you a note and let you know that Newton Raymond did a fantastic job at my house on Friday, October 3rd, installing my Genie system. Newton was extremely thorough from evaluating the dish and quality of my signal, to neatly installing the components for the Genie server and even cleaning up my utility closet to ensure easy access to the cables. In addition, he took the time to check all of my equipment and identified an HD box that was overheating and would require another call if he didn’t check. He also took time to show me how to use the equipment and was patient with all of my questions. He didn’t leave my house until after 9 pm on Friday and did not stop moving from the minute he arrived. I’m extremely busy and was happy that all of the new equipment worked flawlessly throughout the weekend, including the TV that I moved outside to watch NFL Sunday Ticket, via a wireless Genie.

Please thank Newton, again, for doing such a great job.

Take care,


Carolyn S. Clark, MBA
Peloton Advantage, LLC

Our tech was excellent. Tom was very pleasant to deal with. He completed the job, and his workmanship was very professional. He was thoughtful about his work and we couldn’t be happier.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, September 29th, 2014

WEEK OF 9/28/14

I appreciate your follow-up visit, today, as that shows to me DIRECTV’s commitment to excellence. Also, it gives me an additional opportunity to express my gratitude for your technician, Josh Baker, who was in my residence yesterday.

From the time he arrived at my door, he was a model representative. His badge was clearly displayed as he introduced himself in a friendly, business-like manner. He was quick to identify the problem and had us up an running in short order. Josh took the time to ask and answer any other questions regarding our DIRECTV experience.

I would be remiss if I did not pass along my feelings about the superlative effort displayed by Mr. Baker.

Thank You,

Robert Tucker

I wanted to let you know Multiband is lucky to have such a great employee. John was GREAT. He was very professional and did an excellent job for us. He was very aware of our needs and met all our expectations. He seemed to really care and was very courteous. I could not ask anymore from your company. Thanks for sending John out to do our job; we were blessed. Please let John know I wrote this email to you.

Daniel T. Larmore
Executive Vice President
Meadowbrook Insurance Agency

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

WEEK OF 9/14/14

I was really appreciative of how Jeremy came to my house, on a Sunday, to quality check the install that was done the day before. Upon hearing some of my frustration with how we were losing signal, he fixed our satellite dish and now the system works perfectly. I was starting to regret having DIRECTV, until this visit, and now I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Jeremy!

Charles Box was very professional and left us with a DIRECTV system that worked as advertised. Our picture quality is the best we have ever had.

I cannot thank you enough for sending such a nice, skilled lead tech to do our installation yesterday. Ricardo Vasquez(ID 32822) took care of everything and, I am so pleased and satisfied with his work that it is worth mentioning and sharing with everyone in your office. He definitely demonstrated the vision Mr. White stands for, and made such a difference in how I was viewing this company prior to installation. It was a big job, as you know, 9 TVs, and took over 12 hours even with help from his supervisor to make sure all of the correct type of cable was used. Optimum, our previous carrier, uses a different type of wiring, therefore Ricardo and Joe had to rerun all of the cable and not take any shorts with slicing, dicing, and splicing. They ensured the job was done the right way in order to result in optimal signal strength and performance of the DIRECTV in general.
Both gentlemen worked their butts off and Ricardo finished it up. I am looking forward to loving all of the benefits in switching
to DIRECTV from Optimum.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, September 15th, 2014

WEEK OF 9/7/14

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what a great job both Newton and DIRECTV did correcting the unexpected “771 searching for satellite” issue I experienced this past Thursday night—on the eve of the NFL regular season! At first, I was concerned that with only one business day before Sunday’s NFL kickoff, DIRECTV would be unable to schedule a technician until the following week, meaning I would miss my team’s first game; but to DIRECTV’s credit, they scheduled an appointment for Saturday morning. To my relief, DIRECTV sent their best technician: Newton. Newton arrived before the scheduled window and quickly determined what was causing my “771” issue. He effortlessly repositioned the dish, ran a new cable (such that it was not visible), installed the new Genie DVR and client, and configured all the equipment, including the remotes. Before completing the service, Newton explained many of the nuances of the Genie DVR and client. Although I was concerned there would be challenges repositioning the dish for clear line of sight, Newton skillfully found the best location and routed the new cable expertly—and avoided drilling any holes in my home!

I have been a cable and satellite customer for at least 25 years, and Newton is by far the best technician I have encountered. He was prompt, professional, and most importantly, knew exactly what he was doing.

Thank you,

Karl King

On September ll, Exede customer, Kaye Willis, in Sikes, Louisiana was having trouble with her install being rescheduled multiple times. Veronica worked with her by contacting the AP supervisor to make sure that the customer was not only scheduled, but that her job was completed. Ms. Willis stated that she felt that Veronica had gone above and beyond to take care of her. Ms. Willis feels that, if not for Veronica, she would not have been taken care of, and that Veronica is a great example of what customer service is supposed to be.

I was very pleased with the effort your technician put into getting my appointment taken care of today. I’ve had to reschedule twice, due to other techs not able to make it. Stephen arrived later in the afternoon, and he stayed late to make sure everything was installed and working properly. I especially appreciated the time he spent to educate me about all the features the Genie could do. He even went beyond doing a good job on my install, but he even convinced my neighbor to switch to DIRECTV using a referral card with my account number. I am very pleased with my switch from Comcast to DIRECTV on the quality and technician. I was unsatisfied with the ability to have my appointments met. I have high hopes for excellent quality TV from what I was shown by your technician. Thanks.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, September 8th, 2014

WEEK OF 8/31/14

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sending Ronald Wiltsey to our home and taking care of our DIRECTV issues. His professionalism and attention to detail were exceptional. He took care of all our problems in a timely manner and I felt he really cared about his work and our time. Assets like him can be hard to find. Thanks, again. Bill Frazier

Hi, my name is Regina Scura and I just wanted to let you know how fabulous Daniel Roldand was. In all the years that we have been customers of DIRECTV, we have never had a tech that was as knowledgeable and helpful as Dan. We had a major problem at our house and, with his help, he fixed everything for us! He was most professional, respectful, and I cannot say enough about him, I would truly recommend him to anyone as a tech! I just wanted you to know how happy my husband and I were with his expertise!

Thank you, again, as I hope he is recognized for his work!

Regina Scura, a DIRECTV customer for many years!!
Thank you!!

I am very satisfied with the work ethic of Ms. Ashley!! She not only did a wonderful job installing our system, she also gave us a lot of helpful information to thoroughly enjoy our DIRECTV even more than we already did!!! Ms. Ashley was very polite and communicates with extraordinary people skills!!!!!

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, September 8th, 2014

WEEK OF 8/24/14

Hello Mr. Luna,

I wanted to express my appreciation of the wonderful job Robert “Cody” Stanley did at our home on August 18, 2014.

Cody arrived on time, showed me his identification and got right to work. He had the main problem resolved in a matter of minutes and explained what was wrong in a way that I could understand. He addressed our second concern and was also able to resolve it efficiently and properly. We were very pleased with his attitude and willingness to explain everything to us.

Cody made the home repair experience beneficial and pain free and we are very grateful. He would be welcome back to our home for any further upgrades or repairs.

Thank you so much for allowing me to acknowledge Cody and his exceptional work.

Kind regards,

Robin and Michael Maley

Mrs. Bertrand informed me of how impressed she was with Brian and his professionalism. She felt like he went above and beyond in every aspect of her experience and insisted that he needs to be in leadership. After 20 minutes of her praising Brian, I agreed he represents Multiband with integrity and thanked her for the positive feedback.
Thank you, Brian, for caring about the customer!

Hello. I would be very happy to speak with anybody from Mr. Griswold’s company to say thank you in person for the great job he’s done today. I want to just make note that he actually inspected our entire system, found cracks in the cable and replaced them, and ran new cable into the house so that we won’t experience trouble in the future. This should make a difference to you guys, because you probably are spared another trip, or two, because this fellow did it right. I hope you have him in line for a raise, a promotion, and all other kinds of good stuff because he really earned it!

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

WEEK OF 8/17/14

Mr. Denning called me this morning and wished to convey how well Michael took care of their home. Chris stated that Michael stated there were several issues with their original system and that he reran quite a few cables and relocated the dish to a suitable location. Mr. Denning wanted to let me know that he did a swell job and worked really hard to ensure that their system was operating properly. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Martinez!!!

Mrs. Gully called me this afternoon and wanted to let me know how wonderful Andrew was. She commended him on his hard work and his expertise. She stated that he was the most knowledgeable technician that ever visited her home. She said he took his time, addressed each issue and owned every opportunity to enhance this customer’s experience. She also said she would adopt him if she could. Great job, AJ!!!!

Awesome tech!!! He showed me everything that was done and explained it fully. He was only here for a short time and completed his work to my liking. He was very professional and would I love to have him be our tech forever. He paid attention to my instructions before arriving at our house and called first. Excellent worker. Thank you, Jonathan!!!

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, August 18th, 2014

WEEK OF 8/10/14

My name is Kendal Land and I have been a DIRECTV customer for quite some time. On Friday, two of your installers, Michael Bourg and Carl Hardwick, went above and beyond to get our service set up. It took them nearly 4.5 hours on a late Friday afternoon. Just wanted you to know how much our family appreciated their work.
Kendal Land

I am a customer of DIRECTV and had one of your service techs perform a VERY complex install at my new home. The technician’s name is Newton Raymond. I just wanted to let you know that he did AN OUTSTANDING job. He was very professional, knowledgeable, took care to do the job properly, and completed the work in timely fashion. Simply outstanding! I hope you have a chance to congratulate him on outstanding customer service.

He called and text to see if I wanted an early service connection date. They were at my house when I got home. He met me outside, shook my hand, and introduced himself and who he worked for. He asked what I would be using the service connection for and on which devices. Explained what he was going to do. Wore his blue booties which was nice. Very friendly and answered all my questions with knowledge of his job. Overall, GREAT experience.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

WEEK OF 8/3/14

I am the covering supervisor for Andrew Collins. On 8-4-14, I received a phone call, not from the customer but from the mobile home owner where the customer lives, who called to tell me how great of a job Andrew did on an upgrade he was at.

He said Andrew did the most wonderful job compared to any other technician that has done work in his mobile home park. He was very impressed with his professionalism and how good he made the job look.

To not only get the attention of the customer, but the OWNER of the mobile home park is more than outstanding, it is definitely going above and beyond the call of the job.

I am submitting this nomination on behalf of the mobile home park owner and the account holder. Thank you Andrew for your hard work and dedication to great customer service and our image.

Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how pleased I was with your technician, Andrew, and his trainee! They were both very knowledgeable and professional. Went right to work and got the installation done very quickly. Andrew had a super attitude and explained everything about the new system to me thoroughly! I’m not sure I have had any technicians at my home that were that good before! Please pass my thanks on to them and thank you for the great service!
Mike Reiner

EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!!! The two technicians were here for about an hour, in the rain, and did a great job. They even wore booties, protecting my carpet from dirt and grass :-) . So excited to have a secure, working internet connection. I will recommend the service to friends and family.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

WEEK OF 7/27/14

I am emailing you to let you know that we were extremely pleased with the service tech Muslim Williams. He was here this morning for the second time and did a great job taking care of our issues. I just thought you would like to hear some positive comments because I’m sure they are few and far between in your business. Most people just like to complain.

Thanks for the great service.

Mark Calabro

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a great job Jason did with my reinstall. He was professional and courteous. He went over and above to make sure I was pleased with my reinstall. He was patient and gladly answered all of my questions. He repeatedly checked to make sure I was happy with the location of the dish and cables. He also made sure everything was in working condition and that I knew how to use everything before he left. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for employing such a guy. I am a very happy customer!


Tami Baker

Mr. Baldwin made it a point to call me and tell me about the wonderful job Dennis did. He was impressed with the way he took time and went through his entire install and fixed everything. He also added that Dennis was polite and professional. Great job, Dennis.