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Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, July 28th, 2014

WEEK OF 7/20/2014

Mike Fagundo and Josh(supervisor who assisted him) went above and beyond the call of duty to install my new DIRECTV system! They came after hours, because the original installer got delayed, and stayed until later that evening to make sure the installation was done correctly. They both were very professional and pleasant, in addition to being very competent! Thank you!

I’ve been having intermittent service for a few days now, so I spoke with Dana Fair who ultimately hooked me up with Ryan Burhans for a service call. I would like to thank Ryan for taking care of me so quickly, within an hour of my request. He cleaned up some excess cable, replaced a couple of parts, and showed me everything that he found wrong. He was also very friendly with my kids and nephew. Thanks a lot, Ryan, for your prompt and efficient service!

I would like to personally ensure that Technician Derek Millett gets recognized for his wonderful professional behavior. Mr. Millett demonstrated how our system works, what to do when certain interferences arise, and he even walked us through the entire system to show us every piece so we would understand what it does, and what to do if it is not working. I am so happy that the technician did show up on time, and his disposition was very nice and courteous, which today is not seen with too many companies. We want to make sure he is recognized for taking the extra time to show us everything, which no one has ever done, to answer all our questions and we are at ease now knowing how it all works and what to do if we have a problem. His confidence in his job is admirable, his attitude is excellent, and he is an asset for your company and we want to thank you for having him come to our home today. Thank you.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, July 28th, 2014

WEEK OF 7/13/2014

On behalf of technician, Muataz Jabbar MBME045398, whom visited my home in Maine on Sunday, 7/13/2014.
I want to advise that the dedication and professional courtesy is something this young man has beyond my expectations and has surpassed any DIRECTV technician that I have dealt with in the past. I had so many questions and things I didn’t like set up and he didn’t even blink an eye; everything was redone to my liking, and for someone to call you “sir” as a customer consistently is something today that most companies do not even bother to recognize a customer. This technician can come to my home and do his job any time I need DIRECTV help, he was just incredible and blew me away with his wisdom and courtesy today. Just something you don’t expect from anyone. Thank you, Muataz, for coming and taking care of me and my family. You are top notch and I surely hope your company makes my statement publicized to your fellow technicians. They all should be like you and your company would be above all companies in your industry with no issues.

Just wanted you to know that my husband and I were very pleased with the installation by Josh Baker. We thought he was very professional and did a good job explaining things to us.

Thank you for your time.

Jan & Mark Lockhart

I am writing this short note to acknowledge the excellent work accomplished by your employee Newton Raymond.
Newton has just completed the first phase of our programming upgrade. He went to great lengths to accomplish a task that was not by any means the easiest, given the placement location. Newton’s workmanship, his meticulous attention to details, his cooperation reveals a great sense of professionalism.

The second phase of the upgrade is some weeks to come. We would consider it a privilege to have him again at our site. No doubt you have heard from similar commendations from his customers. Nevertheless please accept yet one more from a very satisfied customer.

Parnel Moise
IT Support Specialist

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, July 28th, 2014

WEEK OF 7/6/2014


To Whom It May Concern,

It was important for me to let you know what a positive experience I recently had with the installation of my DIRECTV. Your installer, Scott Medina, exceeded my expectations!

In the past I had heard many negative comments regarding DIRECTV, but with Mr. Medina’s competent installation, I felt very confident. Even though my installation was a challenge (with the problem of finding previous cable wires) he was very knowledgeable and did a great job. I was always a Comcast customer so I was not familiar with DIRECTV and Mr. Medina was very patient and professional with answering my many questions.

You have a valuable employee in Scott Medina and I thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude.

Lina Aloi

This morning, we needed our dish relocated because we had a new roof put on the house yesterday. DIRECTV sent Michael Davis to complete this task. I have to tell you how pleased we were with Michael’s work. He did move the dish as requested, but he reset the resolution on all the receivers, told us about on demand, installed on demand, fixed a fitting on the receiver in the bedroom that wasn’t working properly, and re-programed our remotes so all the latest features would work. I was so impressed with this person. What a great representative for DIRECTV. He is undoubtedly the best tech we have ever had from DIRECTV. We have had DIRECTV since 2007 and 12 years out of the last 15 years. This is the first time I was ever compelled to send an email. That says it all. Just wanted you to know!

Steve and Lisa Husted

Melinda Waldrop called to give praise to this technician.
She said he was “fantastic” “excellent” “ and “a fine young man”
She was very impressed with all of the extra work he put in to make the job perfect.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Friday, July 4th, 2014

WEEK OF 6/29/2014


Joseph was out, June 23, to install my DIRECTV satellite dish on a pole instead of reinstalling it on my roof, after I just had a new roof put on my home. He worked more than several hours to get the job done, and then spent time setting up my remotes and answering all my questions. He was very thorough, thoughtful, cooperative and hard-working(it was very hot that day!). I asked how I could let his superiors know what a fine job he did. I am impressed!

I’m Gregory Parker, the administrator of Saranac Lake Moose Lodge #457 in Saranac Lake, NY 12983, and I just wanted to inform you that Shane Spoor was very professional and helpful in performing his duties. He installed all new wiring throughout the building, and up to the roof, and did an excellent job of using the correct roof mount for the dish, as we have a flat rubber roof that could not be penetrated. I’m am very satisfied with his service.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Friday, June 27th, 2014

WEEK OF 6/22/2014

I received a call from Mr. Bianchi to give positive feedback on Jason and his trainee Mike.

He stated that they both came in with a positive can do attitude, went over the plan before starting work and then began to work efficiently to complete the task.

Mr. Bianchi went on to say that after they completed the work they stayed to show him the system and how it worked and did not leave until they were satisfied that he understood how to work it.

I can’t tell you how outstanding the experience I had yesterday, with the technician and technician’s supervisor. (Technician Nick Skaggs and technician supervisor Tim Stacy). I had an ongoing, intermittent issue with one of my DIRECTV receivers. Nick explained and then executed everything he said he was going to do. You have some great people working for you and it makes me want to get the service I have just because of the quality of employees and service.
Thank you,

Jason Ott is by far the best technician that has ever serviced our DIRECTV. He is most knowledgeable of his job, and what needs to be done to correct the problems he encounters. I offered to keep the old cable line because the new one was going to be extremely difficult to replace, but he wanted to install a new one in order to give us a better picture. Jason brought a newer tech with him to help with the job. They both went above and beyond to please us and leave us completely satisfied with their service. Jason left the newer tech here when the job was complete and told the newer tech to go over how to use the programs and answer any questions that we had. They were both completely professional and the type of people you want to have in your home to do this type of work. They were both courteous when it came to walking on the light colored carpets in our home and offered to cover their work boots with boot covers, which they did. If ever we encounter problems again, I will be asking for these two technicians to return. Most respectfully…Sammy Dance

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Friday, June 20th, 2014

WEEK OF 6/15/2014

I’d just like to tell you about my DIRECTV experience today. Aaron Bowles was my DIRECTV service tech, and he was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! BY FAR the best tech that I’ve had do work in my house EVER!! He was on time, called before he got here to let me know when he would arrive, showed his company ID to verify his identity, showed up looking professional, came in, did his job, and got the new DIRECTV box hooked up quickly and efficiently. Then, as we were talking, I told him about the problems I have anytime I try to hook up my wireless router(ok, basically ANY electronic device!!!), so he hooked up the wireless box, and now I can get MOVIES on demand and all the other entertainment options offered from this amazing piece of technology!! I’ll never leave my house again!!! hahaha – - He then went back and made sure the area where he had worked was clean, and moved the furniture back for me! If you can, you need to clone this man – he was done with the WHOLE process in a little over an HOUR AND this was on a SUNDAY!!! He was pleasant and professional and really took great pride in his job, a trait that isn’t seen much these days!! You really have a top notch employee here, he deserves a raise, he is the Tech that all other techs should try to emulate. Good job, DIRECTV, you have a Great Tech here, don’t let him get away!!

Jim was my installer, and I have to say he was great. Took care of all my needs and questions. He showed up on time and was very polite with me and my family. he was fast and there were no problems or questions he did not handle. I would recommend this installer to any and all jobs possible. MY FAMILY AND I WERE VERY HAPPY. He went above and beyond to help. It is fathers day and he was here instead of with family and I think that just shows the person he is. Thank you so much. The Callender family.

Carlos, my installer, was excellent. He was the most professional installer I have ever dealt with. I was in the business for 10 years, and in business as a General Contractor for 20 years. I’m no stranger to customer service and you are blessed to have an installer of that caliber. The small snag that occurred, his disconnect of Comcast was my fault and my request. Verizon told me their installer was in route and I wanted to pack up Comcast equipment to call for immediate cancellation. Verizon still won’t explain why they weren’t here, but I don’t believe it was Carlos’ fault.

Sincerely and Thank You,
Jeff Clark

We recently had a service call via DIRECTV and wanted you to know that we had an excellent experience with your Technician Mr. Ricardo.
He is a diligent, patient, and knowledgeable man that went the extra mile for our family in resuming services. He definitely is an asset to your organization, as technicians such as him are hard and few to find.

It is my hope he is truly appreciated as well by his Management and Reporting Managers.

Have a great day,

Andrea Arditi

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, June 16th, 2014

WEEK OF 6/8/2014

Susan sent a handwritten note home with her tech, Chad Johnson. She wrote: Chad is a very good and nice guy to work, talk, and teach customers. He is excellent. You need to give him a raise. Chad is very good with people. He stays calm and talks very politely and to the point. I’d have him back any day. Thank you, Susan

In these days of apathy, it is refreshing to receive service from a courteous professional technician. May 2, 2014, your technician, Farrakhan Cato, supplied service to me. It must be noted he displayed an exception to many technicians. I was recently discharged from the hospital with congestive heart failure. Farrakhan Cato was not only gracious but displayed concern I understood. Farrakhan Cato performed above and beyond the requisite. It should be noted that his performance was enhanced by his outstanding personality. Indubitably, Farrakhan Cato is an asset to your establishment and deserves a commendation. My sincere wishes that you and your staff enjoy a safe and healthy summer.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, June 16th, 2014

WEEK OF 6/1/2014

To Whom It Concern,

Please allow this email to serve as a letter of recognition. Please recognize your employee, Joshua Hall, for the exemplary service he provided today. Mr. Hall was very polite and kind from the time he arrived at my home until his departure. He was very informative and knowledgeable about his job. Mr. Hall exhibited both professional and world class customer service. He took great pride in his work. He gave his opinions of what would work best for us based on the positioning of our house. In addition, he made sure my husband and I knew exactly what he would need to do before he started the process.
Mr. Hall deserves formal recognition for the service he provided today! He is a fine representation of your employees and your company.

Thank You and God Bless,
Erica Highbaugh
DIRECTV Customer

I am Cris Benes, Seth’s Supervisor. I spoke with Mrs. Carter on the phone and she told me of the wonderful job Seth did. Along with his usual duties of installing a new dish, cleaning up all of the outside cable, and installing and explaining the new DVR, he went above and beyond. While completing the install, a heavy door began to fall off it’s hinges onto Mrs. Carter and Seth was able to pick it up off of her and place it in a safe place. Seth also was able to move a large heavy table leaf out of an area where the customer often tripped over it. Mrs. Carter made sure to let me know of Seth’s fantastic job so I believe he has earned recognition.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, June 16th, 2014

MAY 2014

I just want to say that the technician you sent out today, to assist me with my issue, was very professional. The care and concern he showed me and my family is very rare and I would just like to say thank you. The technician you sent out today represented DIERCTV well and he should be commended. I have been dealing with Century Link for 6 months concerning my wireless modem and internet service. The only remedy they had was to keep sending me out a system and having me to connect it. This has caused issues with my DIRECTV and overages on my Verizon cell phone data plan. The Technician you sent out today assisted me with all of these issues and everything is working the way it should be. I am a DIRECTV customer for life and my technician is one of the reasons why. Thank you, DIRECTV!

I want to give my highest praise to technician Cody Miller #19191 for his outstanding work when installing DIRECTV at my home last week. He took every measure to make an installation of my TVs at the spots we wanted them. He worked quickly and tirelessly. He went into a very small crawl space that he barely could squeeze through and went into my attic several times. He was very cordial and respectful. Cody is the best technician I have ever seen.

Mr. Greg Smith came to our home on time, and after showing us his ID, he examined what the problem was and fixed it. He found the dish was blocked by trees. Mr. Smith moved the dish, grounded it properly and ran new cable from dish to the receiver drops and to the meter to ground, all in less than an hour. Mr. Smith was kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable. Thank you very much for sending Mr. Smith to us for our repairs.

Billy K. Green

Gene was so helpful. He went above and beyond his job. Our order was wrong and when he called to fix it, DIRECTV wanted to charge me $100. This wasn’t what we were previously told by DIRECTV, and the person on the phone was rude and hung up on me when I said I was going to switch to Dish. Gene made several calls; it took him an hour or more but, In the end, he got our order fixed like it was suppose to be. Thanks for sending him to us.

Corey went to a commercial job for Rockport Shoes in a large shopping mall. I believe the job had been turned down previously, but the notes said that the ODU had to be mounted to the frame of a roof HVAC unit which isn’t allowed. Corey got together with the business and building management to see if the job could be done. A job map, detailing exactly what’s going on with the building to get DIRECTV installed, needs to go thru corporate before any kind of work can be started. They went to the roof and Corey found a way to install a rail mount. It’s going to be a week or 2 before the final approval comes back, but Corey took his time to go the extra mile to help the customer get DIRECTV. They also want Corey to be the Installer knowing he’s the best of the best. Great Job, Corey, for taking your time to find a way.

He was very professional, stuck to his task, cleaned up all materials after and is the very first tech that ever buried the cable. He made sure I knew how to use my controller and all the things that was different form the old receiver. Very helpful.

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about the service we received from your tech Roger Neal. I can’t say enough about the service he gave us. He listened to what problem we were having. He checked out our Internet setup and found out that we would get better service if we wired the Internet a different way. He stayed around to make sure that all of our other devices that were hooked up to the TV worked, and helped us setup the one that wasn’t working.

The customer service he showed us is what most companies are lacking. I can’t tell you how often we put up with bad service just because the price was good. Your company is an exception to the rule. Great service and a good price. Roger was an extremely knowledgeable tech and a very nice man. Roger didn’t leave until he was sure we were completely satisfied. I would give your company a very high score and recommendations to all of my friends. This is the kind of employee any company would love to have represent them. I don’t know if all of your tech are this great, but I’m glad that you sent us Roger Neal.

Thank You,

Ray and Jan Gavril

We were so glad when he got here and hooked up our Internet. We were totally confused on how to get it set up and he did it in a matter of minutes, and then checked all of our equipment to make sure everything was connected right. He even took the time to program two of our remotes that were not set up right. Thank you for doing those little extra things for us.

Travis was our installer over the weekend. He had an enormous task of changing over and correcting wires that had been neglected for years in this early 1900’s 23 room complex. He stuck with it all day for nearly 10 hours before completing the job. I would like to brag on him and the two other fellows that helped out, and let you know if all our interactions with your company continue this way we will remain proud DIRECTV customers for years to come!

Here are the names of the two gentlemen that installed our DTV system.

Lead Technician: Newton Raymond
Trainee Technician: Andre Alexis

The Trainee had been on the job only 3 weeks. In my opinion, DIRECTV could not have been luckier pairing him with Newton. Newton was probably as 1st class as you could get. I couldn’t believe the level of detail and professionalism he brought to the job. First, he spent 2 hours searching for a clear spot and the location he found couldn’t have been better. It required them to dig a 75′ trench up the house to run the cable through the basement.

Then when he determined the cable lines that were installed in the house were not sufficient to DIRECTV standards, he ran all new lines through the walls of the home.

He was an amazing technician…

We could not have gotten a better crew! I hope my congratulations reach the techs because they deserve the recognition. It was an outstanding job.
Thanks a lot, Dave! And Thanks Margery for your assistance with the coordination. I appreciate it very much!

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Monday, June 16th, 2014

APRIL 2014

Thomas was so unexpectedly wonderful. I am happy to say our faith in DIRECTV is renewed. When he arrived early even, he had our TV back working in less than 15 seconds. Then spent the next more than 30 minutes answering our questions and talking with us.

Matt found the problem with our system; it was pointing into some trees. He then moved the dish and completely reran all the cable where it looks 100x neater now. After that, he explained to me that the system wasn’t “grounded” and why it needed to be, and then he did that work as well and told me my system was now up to code. This technician and his trainee were both very professional and courteous workers. Thank you for sending them out to my house. If all of your employees are like this, you will continue to have satisfied customers like this one. Sincerely,

Stacy Guthrie – a happy DIRECTV customer

On Saturday, April 5, one of your Technicians visited my home to service my DIRECTV. In addition, I had previously spoken with you regarding the issue I was having.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Austin for your commitment to exceptional service and customer relations. Austin was extremely polite and told me every step he would take while trying to resolve my satellite issues. Not only did he complete the service issue, but he went way beyond by addressing an outstanding issue that had been unresolved.

Austin’s attention to my problems will go a long way toward my keeping DIRECTV as my cable provider. I trust DIRECTV knows what classy men the two of you are. If not, have them call me. I will be glad to let them know.

I received a call from Ms. Taylor today to let me know she really appreciated Todd’s care and attentiveness while working on her house.

She stated that Todd listened to her concerns, devised a plan to fit her requests and walked her through it before starting his work.

Todd’s willingness to go that extra step and exhibit patience while listening to the customer’s concerns is a great example of what customer service is meant to look like.

I wanted to let you know how happy we were that Josh was the technician that came to our house. We were having an issue with our DVR, and not only was he able to replace that, but he also was able to replace cabling on the outside of our house just to make it look nicer. On top of all that, he also noticed out save the date card for our wedding and congratulated us and wished us luck on our marriage!!!

Very professional. I do daycare and he had to walk around kids and listen to them ask questions; he answered their questions and joked around with them. He explained everything and answered my questions, as well. Cleaned up after himself and was surprised all my lights got shut off when done. Great job, well done.

Gene was so helpful. He even helped the Charter guy run a line for our internet, so it could be where we needed it. And he waited for the cable guy to get done, so he could show us all the benefits of being connected even though he was done.

Excellent service performed by Luis. Extremely nice and helpful. Good sense of humor. Educated us about the problem and how to resolve the issue, if it occurs again.

We’ve always had good service from DIRECTRV. I’m pleased the technicians who responded to our call (we had a lightening strike) were DIRECTV employees instead of contractors. Happy employees reflect good management. There has evidently been change in management because the employees had the right tools and enough supplies to perform their job. It’s obvious DIRECTV has increased the technical staff and is making sure they have equipment to do their job.

We were very pleased the technicians were local instead of having to drive in from other areas. Even though DIRECTV is a national company, it’s nice to know local people are employed by the company.

What started out as an equipment replacement due to a lightening strike turned out to be a major overhaul to bring us up to DIRECTV current code.
The wiring strung between buildings was replaced with buried cable. The old satellite dish was replaced with a new one and relocated from the top of a building to ground level (not sure I like that; but, they were so darn nice about explaining why it had to happen that way so I couldn’t be upset about
it.) All the old wiring was replaced.

Jason (TX045564 lead tech) and Justin (TX047413 – in training) were very professional, both spoke kind words about working for DIRECTV, and they took every hurdle they came across out here with grace and dignity.

Employees such as these two exemplify the persona DIRECTV strives to maintain – customer friendly, professionals at all levels, and experience. I hope whoever reads this will give these two young men the recognition they deserve for a job well done. Our thanking them was one thing. Recognition from their employer validates their importance as a critical part of the customer service relationship.

We met Justin when he accompanied Jason (TX045564) to our ranch today. What was supposed to be an easy lightening strike equipment replacement turned into a complete overhaul to bring us up to DIRECTV’s code.

I put most of my comments under Jason (TX045564)about their exceptional customer service skills; however, Justin deserves separate notification because he is new to the company.

He spoke highly of the training both in the classroom and out in the field.
He was proud to be a DIRECTV employee. He said he supports the principles of the company to provide above average customer service.

He said his training class was quite large and it’s obvious (to me) that DIRECTV is finally staffing to use employees instead of contractors.
Employees buy-in and support a company more than paid contractors. Yes, there is a fine line; but, a line all the same.

Justin was so proud of the job he and Jason were doing for us today. It wasn’t anything he specifically said, although I was very interested in how he felt about DIRECTV as an employer because a happy employee normally is reflective of supportive management. He’s very happy in his decision to be a part of your team.

So, your management must be doing something different than they did a few years ago because the climate is different for your people in the field.
They had the right equipment and supplies for the job.

I think Justin is going to be even a more amazing member of your team as he gains more experience in the field. He already has the technical and customer service skills.

Kudos to young Justin and kudos to the new management who is making it easier for the technicians to do their job which directly impact customer service.

Well done!