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Joshua Oakes

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Date Nominated:  02/20/2011  Market:  Lexington

Josh went above and beyond his duties to see that I was 100% satisfied.  He put extra time into this job in order to hide the cables and make everything so neat.  There were easier ways to install both receivers; however, Josh spent an extra 60 minutes to do it exactly how I wanted it to be done.  If all DIRECTV employees were like Josh it would by fare be the best company for customer service ever!

Thank You,


Lexington Area

February Appreciation Day

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

February 28th 2011

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Matt Magelitz

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Nominated:  01/28/2011  Market:  Bloomington

Hi my name is James and I’m currently a DIRECTV customer and have been for months now. Everything has worked perfectly with great quality and picture until about two weeks ago and I just recently had a service tech by the name of Matt Magelitz come and repair my problems. He was very professional, showing his badge at the door before I even asked him to step in. I just wanted to say he did a great job and would recommend him to anybody. I even had a friend over while he was repairing the cable and he offered him some great deals and now my friend is going to switch from Comcast to DIRECTV. It was very pleasant dealing with him.

Thank you,


Bloomington Area

Danny Hazelrig

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Nominated:  02/07/2011  Market:  Louisville

Good Morning Sir,

My husband and I received such excellent technical support from Mr. Danny Hazelrig yesterday that I asked whom I could contact to express our appreciation.

He called to let us know that he would be at our home between 12 and 4pm yesterday and that he would call again when he was on the way.  He said he would be at our home at 1pm and was so prompt that our clock was chiming 1 when he arrived at our door.  He introduced himself, showed his ID, and immediately went to work.  He discovered that the equipment needed to be secured on a pole to enable us to receive a satellite that we weren’t currently getting impacting local channels, etc.  When finished, he showed us the current signal strengths which were much higher than when he first checked upon arrival.

Mr. Hazelrig was professional at all times and took great care to protect our floors from the mud in the area where he was working.

He did DIRECTV and you very proud!

Thank you very much for your time.

Mrs. Linda

A Satisfied Customer

Louisville Area

Duane Smith and Ryan Kinsey

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Nominated by:  01/10/2011  Market:  Louisville

Good Evening Sir

This afternoon we planned on switching our cable service to DIRECTV. When the service men arrived with the work order they discussed it with my husband.  It was; much to our chagrin; not what we had ordered. Ryan Kinsey and Duane Smith, out of Louisville, were informed that this is not what we had signed up for. Realizing that DIRECTV was about to loose a new customer they worked extremely hard to salvage our work order.

Once all was settled and we were happy with the plan of service the gentlemen got to work. Both Ryan and Duane worked hard to set up all 5 of our boxes. They were polite, responsible, knowledgeable and professional- not to mention kind to our dog, Maya. When all was said and done all three family members were very satisfied with the installation we received and the manner in which it was delivered.

We commend you on the technicians you have; and them on the exemplary service they provided us on your behalf. In a time when customer service is often not first rate it is our pleasure to send you this email complementing DIRECTV on the professionalism of both Ryan and Duane.

Please extend our thanks to your employees for a job more than well done.   Kudos to DIRECTV for fixing the order error. Kudos to you both for encouraging that kind of service in your team members, as well as the hiring of Mr. Kinsey and Mr. Smith.

Thank You,

Sol and Steve

Louisville Area

Multiband Community

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Multiband Community is an environment used to communicate a vast amount of information to customers and associates in a proactive manner.  It gives the ability to share news and press releases about upcoming changes within the company, events and property launches, as well as information on Multiband’s many products and services such as DIRECTV, ADT Security, HugesNet and WildBlue satellite Internet, to name a few.

This is a window into the company, allowing followers to read about the “Great Jobs” that many employees at Multiband strive towards on a daily basis. It is extremely important to give credit where credit is due and to take a moment to compliment an employee for going the extra mile to ensure that Multiband’s customers are made a priority. Additionally, Multiband Community serves as a venue in which customers can provide constructive criticisms, helping promote the evolution into a better Corporation.

Multiband Community opens a positive line of communication between Multiband, its associates and clientele through these blog entries.  So, feel free to post your thoughts! Your input and interaction is an important part of its success.