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Mike Leslie and Michelle Roy

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Nominated: 04/11/11  Market: Portland

Dear Supervisor,

Thank you for the assistance and timely installation from you and your team, consisting of Mike Leslie and Michelle Roy.

Mike and Michelle installed our DIRECTV on March 16, and after assistance from you on the “paper trail”, we had our HD television system working in no time.

First, thank you for your intervention with the administrative staff of DIRECTV in getting us through the confusion on the order.

Secondly, thank you for sending one of the finest installation teams I have ever met from any corporation.  The team leadership by Mike and the partnering with Michelle made a dynamic duo and they gave us a seamless installation.  Their professional attitude, their assistance to us in making us feel that we are the client, their workmanship inside and out, and the personal instruction at the end of the install was beyond what we expected.  Please extend our gratitude to both of them.

Mike is amazing.  He came to the house twice. The first attempt at an installation was in a nor’easter with snow at his knees. The second, and this attempt, where he was successful,digging and mixing concrete in a rain monsoon for the pedestal dish install!

Michelle was wonderful with her skills working the wire and connection throughout the four rooms to be installed with components.  She always had a smile on her face!

The installation is nearly a month old and we are very satisfied with this product.  We have experienced no startup issues with the installation or reception,and based on the instruction from Mike & Michelle, have branched in to venues we never knew existed on TV.  We actually love the reception–the satellite would not dare to venture off its track based on Mike’s calibration.

Thank you again for all your assistance, and please pass on our sincere appreciation to Mike and Michelle.

With warmest regards,

Nancy & Andy

Portland Area

Multiband at DIRECTV Volunteer Activity: KaBOOM! Playground Build

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Multiband is proud to recognize Derek Dahms, Anthony Miceli and Robert Riess with their involvement in a DIRECTV sponsored volunteer project kicking off this year’s DIRECTV Revolution dealer conference.  A number of dealers attending this year’s event were able to contribute in the KaBOOM! playground build.  Approximately 700 volunteers got together on April 11 to transform a New Orleans community park and build a 10,000 square foot custom playground that will serve nearly 40,000 children in its lifetime. Dahms assisted with the hand mixing of more than 44,800 pounds of concrete, Miceli and Riess helped spread more than 152,280 square feet of playground mulch, and all three contributed to the painting of a mural, pictured below.

KaBOOM! Is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to saving play for America’s children. To date, KaBOOM! has built over 1,900 playgrounds, saving play for over 3.5 million children. DIRECTV’s April 11 playground build will be the largest in KaBOOM! history.

Pictured: Robert Riess,Michelle – DIRECTV,Anthony Miceli and Derek Dahms

Shoveling Mulch

Oakdale Mural painted by the team

Park under construction

Ribbon Cutting with Mike White – DIRECTV CEO

Green Driver Program at Multiband

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Something new here at Multiband is the introduction of the Green Driver Program. This is an electronic device that is plugged into the OBDII port of all company owned vehicles that transmits information on how they are driven. This includes excessive speed, rapid starting and stopping, and if the vehicle is left idling.  It also provides vehicle location and route(s) driven, using GPS technology. Utilizing this device will help keep drivers aware of how they are driving.  Multiband’s ultimate goal is to help ensure that our associates get home safely each day.  If the Green Driver program is successful, then our associates will drive safer, which will reduce accidents, improve miles per gallon, reduce maintenance and repair costs, etc.  “If a driver modification is necessary then we will try it” states Carl Roth, Fleet Manager. 

The Green Driver Program will be used on all company owned vehicles in an attempt to protect our associates and to help minimize Multiband’s impact on the environment. All vehicle movements and locations are now being logged, which is a great tool to help protect our associates from false bad driver reports, not at fault accidents,etc.  Also,as we better develop our systems around the technology, it should reduce two-way communications between trackers, supervisors, technicians, and the customers by simplifying the tracking process. Then of course, if a technician is in distress, we can send help to the proper place quickly.

Multiband is also working on a Green Driver Training Program.  For those driving personally owned vehicles (POV).  This training program may qualify you for discounts on your own insurance. At the conclusion of this training program the driver will receive a certificate of completion. Many insurance carriers will offer the opportunity to enter whether the driver has taken a defensive driving course within the past year. This discount will vary depending on the drivers past driving experience, etc. 

Stephen Fougere

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Nominated:  03/10/2011  Market:  Burlington


I wanted to express my absolute satisfaction of my “in home visit” during my DIRECTV installation.  I am a disabled Marine Gunnery Sergeant and am not used to writing letters of excellence for a service I have paid for, but technician Steve Fougere is a consummate professional.

As I mentioned, I am a disabled Marine wounded in combat.  The previous day before the installation we had a 30 inch snow storm.  I tried to remove as much snow as I could but it wasn’t enough.  Steve, the technician, was extremely nice, accommodating, and professional.  The snow around the house was well up to Steve’s waist and he forged through the snow, making a path so he could complete the install.  I explained that I could postpone the installation and try to remove more snow, but Steve was insistent that he would finish the job.  To top it off, the two receivers were at opposite ends of the house and the foundation was not assessable so Steve explained a number of options and was able to make this customer very impressed.

Steve really blew me away with his personality, kindness,and high proficiency.  As a Gunny in the Corps I am not used to giving many complements; however,Steve disserves a pat on the back and I write this letter for that exact reason.  If a person performs their job beyond what is expected of them, I believe they should be awarded for that action. Steve truly gave me a great feeling about DIRECTV and has made me a loyal customer.  DIRECTV should be advised that they are stronger for having an installer like Steve Fougere.  Thank you very much Steve, and please share this with your supervisor.

Very Respectfully,


GySgt/USMC (ret)

Burlington Area