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Michelle Roy and Adam Young

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Nominated: 05/20/2011  Market: Portland

My name is Jennifer and I have been a DIRECTV customer for a little over 2 years.  Up until recently, I had seriously considered switching to another provider as there had been an overwhelming amount of inconvenience with a recent DVR order/installation. After many phone calls to DIRECTV to get the issues straightened out, I was given a weekend appointment. The day of installation arrived and I received a call from Supervisor Adam Young. He said that the originally scheduled technician had been hung up and that Michelle Roy would be coming in his absence. He gave me his number and insisted I call him if I need anything during the process. I then received a call from Michelle stating when she would arrive.

When she did arrive, she was professional and courteous.  She wasted no time getting to work, and was up on her ladder within 20 minutes of arrival.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Adam and Michelle for their efforts in making sure I was a happy customer. If it were up to me, they would receive a retention incentive because if it wasn’t for them I can say with certainty that I would no longer be a customer of DIRECTV.  I know that I am a small fish in a big pond of customers, but on that day I really felt like a priority!  Thanks again for everything!

One happy customer,


Portland Area

Andrew Conner and Alex Snider

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Nominated: 05/17/11  Market: Bloomington

To whom this may concern:

I don’t normally take time to recognize and comment on service received, but felt compelled to comment on the above and beyond service we received from your techs Andrew and Alex on Friday 5.13.2011.

One would have expected that being a tech’s last call of the day, on a Friday, they would be anxious to complete the job and begin their weekend.   Not at all!   Both techs spent extra time advising and helping us program remotes to each TV to a singular remote control operation  (Eliminating the multi remote use and knowledge).

While many customers are “techie”, your older customers want to use one remote, and get confused with multi remote needs.

Thank you for sending Andrew and Alex to handle our call! They did what no other technician servicing us in the past would do!


Bloomington Area

26th Annual G.O.L.F. Classic

Monday, May 9th, 2011



Sponsored by

The tournament committee, along with the host golf courses, invites you to a fun‐filled weekend of golf. The 26th Annual G.O.L.F. Classic will be held on July 9 & 10, 2011. Grab your friends and start planning a great weekend of golf during the 26th Annual G.O.L.F. Classic. This tournament is a blast whether you are an experienced golfer or just looking for a fun weekend on great courses with your favorite people. We have prizes for all levels of golfers. Do like so many others have and make this an annual tradition.


Online registration will begin at 12:01 a.m. on May 17, 2011 by going to the website. The tournament spots can fill quickly, so make sure to get your team registered early. The first 136 foursomes (544 golfers) will be accepted into the tournament. We can select your preferred starting course and times based on availability during registration.

The cost of the tournament is $75.00 per person. Entries should be done as foursomes but we will accept less players if desired. All online entries must be paid by credit card. You must include a complete three line address with a zip code for each registrant along with an email address. If you are unable to find a foursome, please contact one of the courses, they may be able to help. Registration entitles you to a free steak supper Saturday at the course of your choice. Non‐entrants may purchase steak suppers at the courses.


The tournament is Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th. Golfers play 9 holes of individual stroke play golf at all four courses (Grand Rapids, Oakes, Lisbon,and Forman,North Dakota) with the same foursome. The daily morning tee time is 7:30am with the late time being 10:30am. Afternoon rounds begin at 1:30pm and 4:30pm. Please be sure to sign‐in at the clubhouse at least 30 minutes prior to the shotgun start. The tournament is open to men and women, 16 years of age and older. Women play from the women’s tees but compete in the regular flights.


We will honor an overall winner of the tournament and each flight will pay out thirteen places with prizes. There is also a Hole‐In‐One contest where each course has a designated hole for the contest. The first individual during the tournament to hit a Hole‐In‐One on one of these holes wins a new personal computer provided by Multiband.


The cost of renting a riding cart will be $12.00. Each of the courses has a limited supply of riding carts so if you would like to rent a cart, you will need to contact each course to reserve. You may bring your own cart for use during the tournament as well for no additional cost. Each course has the discretion to limit cart use during the tournament due to inclement weather. We are looking forward to this 26th tournament and hope that you will join us for another great weekend of golf.


RULES – The G.O.L.F. Classic is an individual stroke play tournament where each golfer plays their own ball for 36 holes over four 9‐hole golf courses. The courses are located in Grand Rapids, Oakes, Lisbon, and Forman, North Dakota. Winter rules will apply at each course for the tournament meaning you can take a ‘preferred lie’ in the fairway. To minimize slow play, we enforce a 9‐stroke maximum per hole rule. After your ninth stroke you must pick up your ball and move on.

SHOT GUN START ‐ The Shot Gun Start system will be employed and it will be each golfer’s responsibility to be at the assigned tee at his assigned tee‐off time. Failure to do so could result in disqualification. Although this agenda will be posted at each golf course, we would recommend that you bring it along to the tournament. You will appreciate that with hundreds of golfers participating the secret to maintaining a time schedule depends on the courtesy and good judgment of all golfers. Please be on time, start only at your assigned tee and keep moving along.

FLIGHTING ‐ “Straight Flighting” will be done on your total score after all rounds have been completed. Ties will be broken using the home course score which is Oakes this year. A hole by hole comparison of scores counting backwards from hole 9 will be used next if needed to break ties. The Championship Flight will be determined by the low 24 golfers plus ties and then natural break points are used for the remaining flights based on the total number of golfers.

SCORE CARDS ‐ Official score cards will be distributed before each round of play. All cards must be turned in at the clubhouse where you play immediately after each round is completed. Official cards MUST BE USED. Please check score cards for recent rule changes. Be sure to use the proper card on each course, i.e. Forman card on the Forman course, etc. You are responsible for the addition, as well as the scoring, on your card. Please take a minute extra to ensure your totals are accurate before they are turned in. They must be signed and attested.

WOMEN GOLFERS – Women golfers will play from women’s tees, but will compete in regular flights.

MARSHALS ‐ Marshals will be present on each course to enforce rules and to address slow play. If you have questions on course rules, ask the clubhouse or contact one of the marshals.



2010 320 entrants Todd Thompson, Cogswell, ND
2009 No tournament due to course flooding
2008 485 entrants Todd Thompson, Cogswell, ND
2007 576 entrants Barry Schmiess, Fargo, ND
2006 576 entrants Brian Meyer, Jamestown, ND
2005 576 entrants Jake Hanson, Edgeley, ND
2004 570 entrants Reed Olien, Oakes, ND
2003 570 entrants Roddy Gentzkow, LaMoure, ND
2002 576 entrants Todd Taverna, New Rockford, ND
2001 568 entrants Rodney Roscoe, LaMoure, ND
2000 576 entrants Steve Sedler, Hannaford, ND
1999 572 entrants Steve Sedler, Hannaford, ND
1998 576 entrants Brad Ulland, Lisbon, ND
1997 544 entrants Mike Bindas, Fargo, ND
1996 544 entrants Dennis Ellefson, Dawson, MN
1995 576 entrants Mike Bindas, Fargo, ND
1994 576 entrants Mike Bindas, Fargo, ND
1993 544 entrants Rod Hennen, St. Paul, MN
1992 544 entrants Laif Olson, Bismarck, ND
1991 544 entrants Reed Olien, Oakes, ND
1990 544 entrants Mike Montplaisir, Fargo, ND
1989 544 entrants Scott Markstrom, Fargo, ND
1988 544 entrants Dave Severud, Oakes, ND
1987 550 entrants Craig Bauley, Minneapolis, MN
1986 496 entrants Ken Mogck, Edgeley, ND
1985 352 entrants Dave Severud, Oakes, ND


OR CALL 701‐281‐5300 for more information.


Casey Czerniawski and Jon Peters

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Nominated:  05/05/11  Market:  Detroit

I recently had an issue with my DIRECTV satellite and was without TV for 5 days around Easter weekend. The winds had been extremely high and when the wind is extreme there are small outages of service for less than 20 – 40 seconds and I live with that. At this point my service totally stopped and the first technician that arrived on Tuesday, April 26th was unable to fix the problem. He indicated that I might have to replace and or move the dish. I was very unhappy about this and had him get me in touch with his boss Casey. As you can imagine I was a bit aggravated and I wasn’t the best to talk to at that point with the situation and Casey indicated he would come out the next day and take a look.

On April 27th Casey and John came out and they did a thorough check of the system and figured out what was wrong and fixed it. I know you get tons of complaints when things aren’t done right but these guys did an excellent job and Casey was extremely professional and I just thought it was important to praise these guys for a wonderful job well done.


Detroit Area