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Great Job – Matt Magelitz

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Nominated: 06/09/2011  Market: Bloomington Market

Dear Mr. Mandel

I would like to compliment one of your employees, Mr. Matt Magelitz. He came to our home on June 8th after we had an outage due to a thunderstorm. Prior to Mr. Magelitz’s arrival I found that our dish was not attached to the roof securely, nor was it grounded. Upon Mr. Magelitz’s arrival I found him to be very courteous and professional. At this time I informed him what I found. Mr Magelitz spent little time correcting the problems and restoring our service. I only wish all of your service people could be as professional and caring as the young man.

Thank You,

Bloomington Market Area

Great Job – JOSH BRACE

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Nominated: 06/25/2011  Market: Grand Rapids Market

A Multiband Corporation employee deserves recognition for the superb service provided today. His name is Josh Brace. I believe he may work out of your Grand Rapids, Michigan office.

We have DIRECTV service with 5 receivers. The system had not been working properly lately, and Mr. Brace arrived to do the repairs. After identifying the system’s problems, Mr. Brace spent a couple of hours repairing them. I was impressed with Mr. Brace’s technical skills as he went about his business, and he was very efficient and professional throughout the process. He repaired the system and it now works fine. In fact, it works better than it has for some time now. We had one receiver that we were unable to use to its potential due to an incomplete initial hook-up, and he fixed that too.

I wanted you to know that I am completely satisfied with this service call by Mr. Brace, and also what a valuable employee you have in Mr. Brace. I didn’t know and hadn’t met Mr. Brace before today, but if we have DIRECTV service issues again, then I would hope that Mr. Brace would be the service technician again.  He deserves our praise, and your recognition.


Grand Rapids Market Area

Great Job – Kevin Myers

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Nominated: 06/11/2011  Market: Cleveland East Market


My name is John and I’m writing to tell you something you already know: Kevin Myers is an outstanding field supervisor!

Last weekend, we had an installation appointment for a new HD TV. We’re in a heavily wooded area, share a dish with our next door neighbor and have a long cable feed, so installations and upgrades are always problematic.

A technician arrived at the appointed time and, after several hours, concluded that the severity of the situation required a higher authority. Kevin was contacted and showed up that same afternoon. After a considerable period of inspection and “noodling” the situation, Kevin thought he might be able to get the transponder numbers high enough for certification if he ran a direct (and shorter) feed to the new HDTV location (we have 3 separate box locations).

As it was then late in the day on Friday, Kevin asked if it would be okay to come back on Saturday morning along with a tech assistant. Wow! Who works on Saturdays anymore??

Kevin and his assistant came bright and early Saturday morning, encountered on again, off again successes and failures and after several hours of a stick to it until it’s right attitude on Kevin’s part, I am now the proud owner of outstanding HDTV reception!

I asked Kevin for his supervisor’s email, thinking I’d send a testimonial at the speed of light. Alas! 5 days later I’m finally getting around to it. Thank God DIRECTV doesn’t work on that kind of schedule!

You’re obviously aware that your field techs are your best front line commandos for customer satisfaction. Well, this customer is VERY satisfied. Kevin Myers has to be your best “commando”.


Cleveland East Area

Great Job – David Madera

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Nominated: 06/06/2011  Market: Detroit Market

A call was received from Darla in the Detroit area. What David ran into, according to the customer, was a huge mess. David had the option of simply installing the DVR which would have been a 20 minute job but upon inspection found the installation of the dish and the way the home had been wired to have been the cause of some of the problems the customer was complaining about. Without discussing the situation, David completely reinstalled the system to his satisfaction and relieved the customer of the daily issues they were having. Not only did David solve the programming issues, but he also cleaned up the installation and made it aesthetically perfect.

This customer stated that David’s professionalism has made her proud that she is with DIRECTV. She gave David a score of 11 out of a possible 10, will request him and recommend him to all she comes in contact with. She asked that this be acknowledged because he went above and beyond without being asked.

Great Job – Matt Magelitz

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Nominated: 06/09/2011  Market: Bloomington Market

On Wednesday June 8th, a tech was sent to our home to fix a problem we were experiencing with a few channels on our DIRECTV system. The tech’s name is Matt Magelitz. He arrived within the time we were given and he quickly solved the issues we were experiencing. He also was very helpful to answer questions we had.

In the past a tech came to upgrade a dish on our roof.  We were having difficulty programming remotes. The prior tech informed us the remote was not compatible with our television.  Matt quickly programmed the remote.  Obviously, in the past the tech was not knowledgeable about the issue or did not want to take the time to correct it.

Matt was very knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous while he was in our home.  He is an asset to your company. We greatly appreciate the services that we’re provided.

Thank you,

Bryan and Carmen
Bloomington Area

Great Job – Matthew Saliba

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Nominated: 03/15/2011  Market: Traverse City – Sales Rep, NE DMA

Dear Mr. Saliba:

I am writing you this letter to express Springhouse Apartment Homes’ and our staff’s full appreciation for you and all of your sincere efforts to better our company. Over the past year, we have grown a strong bond and we do not take your friendship with our company for granted.

Every visit you have made to our property has been a delight. We have never had to worry about you being tardy or rescheduling. Your level of accountability far exceeds our expectations and requirements. You have never disappointed us in your efforts to reach maximum sales potential for your company. Not only are you a responsible, trustworthy individual, you are always a pleasure to be around. We feel that not only must you be an asset to your own company; you are certainly an asset to ours.

Because of your productivity and accomplishments at Springhouse Apartment Homes, we wanted to extend our gratitude and we hope we will have a close bond with your for many years to come. You have proven to be reliable, respectful, and proactive and for that, we feel we must not let it go unannounced.

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

Matthew, thank you kindly for the efforts you put forward for our company. We feel that by having you associate with our team, each member learns valuable information and ultimately becomes a better employee and person. We appreciate you.



North Charleston

7th Annual Fargo Marathon

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Over 22,000 people ran the 7th Annual Fargo Marathon May 19th -  21st. Runners had the option of running the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay Teams, Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

The Fargo Marathon is best described as Flat, Fast, Friendly & Fun….with an emphasis on Friendly & Fun! The recipient of the Runner’s World Reader’s Choice Award as the #1 Best Value Marathon in America and the 8th Best Overall Marathon in America (January 2010)!

The 2011 Fargo Marathon’s theme was “FARGO ROCKS!  FARGO RUNS!  RUN FARGO!  ROCK FARGO!” There were bands at every mile throughout the marathon and the Saturday ended with a post race concert.


In May 2002, Fargo hosted the Scheels All Sports Run for the Children Half Marathon, and with 300 runners, it was considered a huge race…..

After three years of the Half Marathon, in 2005, a full marathon was started.

The inaugural event in 2005 brought in over 2,400 participants! It thought that was as big as it would ever get!  In the years to follow, the numbers continued to grow, and in 2010, they hit a goal of over 20,000 people!!

A few of our Multiband associates participated in the marathon. Samantha Dissette (Trainer) and Mardee Besette (Outbound Team Lead) ran their first 5K on Friday May 20th and are pictured on the top right of this publication.

Christie Fletcher (Support Center Manager) ran her first full marathon. (1st and 3rd pictures)

Samantha will also be participating in another 5K on June 4th and Christie’s final marathon goal is to run the Disney marathon in January.

Great Job – Michael Lyons

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Nominated: 05/26/2011  Market: Louisville

Dear Terry,

I understand you are Mike Lyons’ supervisor. He came to my house on May 24, 2011, to fix my DIRECTV that was not working on all 4 TVs. When someone goes out of their way to do their job well, and stands out more so than an average worker, I think they should be recognized. He told me the second he pulled up that he noticed the black cable was hanging down alongside the front of the house and that he would fix that. He did. It was done neatly. All previous DIRECTV workers didn’t seem to care that it dangled down to the ground. After working on the dish, he came in and noticed that the remotes were old, he replaced them and he programmed them as well. He checked to make sure all TVs were working properly.  A lot of people would say it is one’s job to do such things. That’s my point; some do not do their job, let alone go an extra mile as Mike Lyons does. It is refreshing to have above average service rendered to customers from people that really do care. I just wanted to tell you he deserves to be noticed for making people feel important. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Louisville Area

Service Excellence Training

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Here at Multiband we aim to give voice to our associates any chance we get, and this is your next chance: Multiband is presenting its specially designed Disney Service Excellence training in Minneapolis, MN on June 29 and 30, and we want you to be a part of who is selected to attend. Please take a moment to select one Service Technician and one Production Technician from your Market, who you think will best represent the Company, and who will seek to carry the training’s core message back with them. Click here to make your voice heard!

NOTE: Voting ends June 10.

Service Excellence Trip Details:

  • Runs from June 29 to June 30
  • Will require travel on June 28 and July 1
  • Attendee will receive Training Pay for course days and up to 8 hours of Training Pay for travel days

Our Service Excellence training is specifically geared toward mentoring associates in the practices which truly represent our culture, quality, and service philosophies—the heart of our Company ethic. Upon their return, attendees will communicate these tenets during their weekly tech meetings so we can learn together what it is to be driven by performance. As a token of our appreciation for carrying Multiband’s message, each Tech who attends our Service Excellence training will be entered to win a trip for 2 to Disney at the end of the year.

Remember, you have until the end of the day on Friday, June 10 to vote, so don’t delay your chance to send your fellow associates on a trip that can only change the way we work together for the better.

Great Job – Daniel Biehl

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Nominated: 05/25/2011  Market: Bloomington

I am writing to compliment you and Multiband for the work of one of your service managers, Daniel Biehl.  On May 5, we had an installer update our home receivers and satellite dish.  The location and wiring of the satellite dish was less than desirable.  I placed a call that evening to DIRECTV and started the follow up process, quite frankly, expecting the worst; weeks of haggling and valuable time away from work encouraging follow up technicians to work to a different standard.

I was contacted on Thursday, May 18, by Daniel Biehl to coordinate a time the following day to meet and review the installation and plan a resolution.  I was encouraged by the phone calls, as Daniel was respectful and apologetic while focusing on ensuring us he would get our issues resolved. The meeting was better than the phone calls.  Daniel was honest and forthright in his evaluation of the installation issues and was able to clearly explain DIRECTV and Multiband’s policy and the training program to insure these standards were met and where the failures had occurred. This explanation was respectful to the original technician, an important trait for a supervisor; don’t throw your team or company under the bus!  Daniel explained what he could do, and what would be required of us to meet the objectives we’d set out.  I called him Tuesday morning to let him know our portion was completed and we were ready for him.  He came to our home the same day and completed his work at around 5:30 Tuesday evening.

I own and operate a countertop business in Farmer City with 40 employees, 10 of these are field staff.  I have a pretty good understanding of the challenges involved with in home services.  Daniel handled everything in a very professional manner while not only correcting the problems, but communicating extremely well, and following up on his commitments.

I hope you will take a moment and thank Daniel for his work and his representation of DIRECTV and Multiband.  I am impressed.



Bloomington Area