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Great Job – Matt Magelitz

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Nominated: 08/30/2011  Market: Bloomington Market

Mr. Mandel,

This e-mail is sent to you to inform you of the fantastic service we received from technician, Matt Magelitz. I have been a DIRECTV subscriber for almost seven years. During that time, I have had several service technicians come to my home for various issues with my DIRECTV system. The service I received from those technicians was marginal, at best. The last technician who came to our house was there to replace an old receiver with a new one to upgrade our local channels. What we ended up with were problems getting all of the local and other HD channels after he left. My husband and I did not want to call DIRECTV again to have them send out yet another technician that might fix the current problem but leave us with several more issues. After almost two months of not watching our local news channel, we finally called.

Matt arrived at the adjusted time we agreed on. He was extremely professional and immediately went to work on the television in our kitchen (the location where we couldn’t get all of the channels). He asked questions as he worked so he could resolve the issue as quickly as possible. He then asked if he could see the other DIRECTV hookups (we have 3 HD DVRs and 1 HD Receiver) and the location where all the ports came into the house. He quickly reviewed our system and noted that several of our DVRs were four or more years old. That’s when he told us about the “Whole-Home DVR Service” which would only cost us an additional $3.00 per month. He also discussed the benefit of having the protection plan for $5.99 per month which we signed up for as well.

Matt replaced all of our DIRECTV equipment. He took the time to make sure all of it was working properly, and he also gave us his phone number to call if we had any problems or questions in the next 30 days. In addition, he was able to program the DIRECTV remote with our television in the master bedroom. Four different technicians attempted to do that over the past several years and none were successful. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the service we received from Matt. The picture quality of every television is clearer and everything works just as Matt said it should! If our DIRECTV system requires any servicing in the future, I plan on requesting that Matt be sent for that service call. If I were asked to rate Matt on a scale of 1-10, I would rate him at a 10+. Your company has a wonderful employee. He took the time to do the job right, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate his efforts.



Bloomington Market Area

Great Job – Jodie Whipple

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Nominated: 08/12/2011  Market: Bloomington Market

I wanted to take a moment and call your attention to a young man that you have in your employ, Jodie Whipple. He represents your Corporation and himself very well and is deserving of recognition.

My wife and I have a vacation home in an out-of-the-way rural area of Central Illinois. Our DIRECTV service has not been working properly for years despite a number of service calls. This young man was dispatched to resolve our service issues. He called and showed up as scheduled and properly introduced himself. He listened carefully t our service issues and asked meaningful questions.

His work was carried out with resolve and dispatch. He reviewed and tested our entire system both inside and out on a very hot day. After much testing and checking he determined that the basic problem was the location of our antenna. He found a new location and working alone, move the antenna and Re-established our service.

I suppose we could look at this as a routine service call and that the fellow was just doing his job.

The reason I am writing is not to address the service but rather to address the young man. He worked with a pleasant manner, did not waste time, addressed the issues without delay or confusion and appeared to enjoy his work as well.

I have worked with many people in my44 years in the business world and I believe this young man has special traits and shows promise. You may wish to acknowledge his contributions to your Corporation and see that he is challenged with larger opportunities and more responsible assignments in the future.

I also wanted to take a moment and wish you the best with the potential acquisition of WPCS International. I hope the due diligence process and later phases go well. I have been involved in numerous acquisitions and divestitures over the years. It has been my experience that the single most important factor is not the fit of the business or even the price of the business. The factor I have found that makes or breaks a deal in the future is the cultural fit of the Corporations involved. The values, examples, and the outlook of the Corporation’s leaders should be a significant factor in your deliberations regarding any acquisition.

Thank you for your time and attention to Jodie.

Yours Truly,

Bloomington Market Area

Multiband and the 13th Annual United Way of Cass-Clay School Supply Drive

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The School Supply Drive is an annual event that creates lasting change in communities by providing a new backpack and complete set of school supplies to children.  Last year in the Cass-Clay area, over 4,600 children were provided with supplies.

The bar has been set! Anastasia Gustafson, Customer Service Team Lead at our Fargo Support Center has donated 100 items to this year’s United Way School Supply Drive. Thank you Anastasia!

On Friday, August 12, 2011 we dropped off of 275 items for the drive. Our top donors were Anastasia Gustafson with 100 items and Annie Melhorn with 64 items. The Fargo Caring and Sharing committee members would like to thank everyone who donated to this great cause.

Service Excellence Training

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Minneapolis, MN – August 31 through September 1!

We are offering an opportunity for our best and brightest Technicians to receive world-class service and leadership training and pass along what they learn to your whole team. Select one Service Technician and one Production Technician from your Market who represent the very best of Multiband and who will carry the training’s core message forward to the rest of your team.

Disney Institute Service Excellence training helps Associates learn to live out the principles which represent our culture, quality, and service philosophies—the heart of our Company ethic. After the training, participants pass along what they’ve learned so we can all know what it truly is to be driven by performance.

Disney Institute began as a vision, and the visionary was Walt Disney himself.

Walt Disney redefined the world of entertainment and rewrote the rules of business. He created an effective organizational model where employees were recognized for their achievements, encouraged to work as a team, and strive for excellence.

Disney inspires leaders to change their business practices and to examine business issues in an entirely new light. Disney Institute facilitators include accomplished business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and executives who use dynamic and entertaining stories and demonstrations to explain effective business models and concepts.

This is the second time Multiband has offered Disney Institute Service Excellence training for selected Technicians. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to growing leaders within our company, and we remain committed to helping all of our Associates grow and succeed.

Great Job – Chris Kubat

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Nominated: 07/26/2011  Market: Detroit Market


I am writing in regards to the fantastic service that Chris Kubat provided me this past Friday & Saturday on my mover install.  When Chris arrived he explained how I had a line of sight issue, and helped me in great detail on how and what it would take to overcome it.  He described in great detail the branches on a tree I would need to have removed to be provided with excellent service on 7/22, and then he returned the next day on 7/23 to complete the install once I had the line of sight cleared for him.

I also had a very steep roof which didn’t make Chris’s job any easier, but again he went well out of his way to help not only get the dish in the difficult but perfect position on the roof  but also did a phenomenal job in running the wires to make them virtually “invisible!”

I cannot thank Chris enough for working with me so patiently and providing me with such WORLD CLASS service.  I feel if I had any other tech out that day, that they could have just easily stated that there were too many obstacles to overcome and that service should not be possible; however Chris took on the challenge and now I will be able to enjoy the Sunday Ticket and NFL season!  If all of your techs operated like Chris I have no doubt that you would be an even more successful company!

Chris – THANK YOU again!!

Best Regards,