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Multiman’s Top 20 Stress Relievers

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Feeling stressed? Don’t know how to relieve that stress? Multiman is here to help! Below are 25 ways to relieve stress.

1. Take 30 min a day to organize yourself.

2. Eat healthier!

3. Try a detox diet – release those harsh chemicals!

4. Do something nice for someone else.

5. Keep a journal.

6. Sleep. But don’t over do it.

7. Exercise that body!

8. Take a bubble bath.

9. Take a walk.

10. Wake up a little earlier.

11. Do something creative.

12. Listen to music.

13. Take a break from technology.

14. Laugh!

15. Call a friend.

16. Meditate.

17. Make time for what makes you happy.

18. Make time for friends and family.

19. Stretch!

20. Give/receive hugs.

Multiband wishes everyone an early Memorial Day!

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Are you ready for the long weekend? Don’t what to do? Well, Multiman is here to help you brainstorm.

Here are five things you can do during the long weekend:

1. Sleep in – get that 7 to 9 hours your body has been craving for a long time!

2. Spend time with the family – pitch a tent in the backyard and play some lawn games. It’s that easy!

3. Get that home improvement project done – the cabinets are not going to fix themselves!

4. Grill something – when you’re done fixing the grill, toss on some burgers and dogs!

5. Honor our military members – that’s what the holiday is for in the first place! Fly the flag, attend a local ceremony, or say your prayers for those who have/continue to serve.

Multiband Associates Give Back

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Chris Adams, of Minnetonka, MN, is in her 7th year of being a Leader for the Girl Scouts – what can you do to give back?

We’ve all heard of the Girl Scouts, but Chris Adams considers herself one of the lucky few who get to know the organization well. “Sometimes, I wonder who’s getting the most benefit – me or the girls,” Adams expresses about her experiences as a Girl Scout Leader.

Chris started being a Leader 7 years ago when her daughter was interested in joining but there were no Leaders in her area. So she stepped in, and now she couldn’t imagine not being a part of the organization. “Girls learn about being empowered and see how they affect their communities and the world around them, teaching to be people of courage, confidence and character; I just can’t see myself giving it up!”

Check out your local Girl or Boy Scout Troops to see
how you can help out today!

New World Trade Center

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Today, in New York City, the construction of the New World Trade Center reached it’s final height, 1,776 feet. Here are some sweet photos of the building…

Little may you know, one of Multiband’s first DAS System installments was in the New World Trade Center.


Multiman’s Living Eco-Friendly!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Last month was all about taking care of our personal health – we hope that those articles full of tips and tricks to staying/becoming more healthy helped. This month, Multiman is staying on the healthy track. But instead of focusing on self, we are going to focus on our surroundings, Earth. That means knowing how to recycle, constructing your own compost, or even biking to work if you can. Just the smallest act can help keep our Earth healthy. Stay tuned in to Facebook for daily tips on how to live an Eco-Friendly lifestyle!