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Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


Technician Frank Hoskins came to my home to do an install of a new HD receiver. Frank was very professional and knowledgeable. We have been a DIRECTV customer for several years and Frank is the best technician that has ever serviced our DIRECTV system. Because of technicians like Frank going above and beyond in his customer education of the new DVR receiver, we will recommend DIRECTV to everyone we know. Great job, Frank, and thank you. We are very, very happy.

As per email sent from customer; My home in Long Beach Island, NJ was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Prior to the storm, I had two techs come out to resolve an ongoing issue, which was still unresolved. Once I got to the point where I was ready to deal with DIRECTV, they sent someone out to rewire, etc. after the storm. That tech was great but the ongoing issue continued. They finally sent an “Elite” tech who did quite a bit of troubleshooting and finally corrected the issue. I’m finally up to this note on my “to do” list and just wanted to take a minute to give some positive feedback. The tech was Juraj (George) Sabol. He was very professional, very friendly, and determined to resolve the issue, which he did. His work ethic really impressed me. I could not thank him enough. With everything going on after the storm, the last thing I wanted to deal with was this ongoing issue. Not only did he find the problem and correct it, he had to climb around piles of “stuff” because of the damage and construction in progress. People are always so quick to complain and rarely take the time to say thank you so I always make sure I thank everyone for their efforts and try to let a supervisor know if/when I can. It was DIRECTV, but I think he is with Multiband and am not really sure how that works or who to reach out to but wanted to let someone know.

Thank you very much for your time and best wishes to you and Multiband/DIRECTV for continued success! Have a great day!
Take care,
~ Lisa

One of your installers (Todd Entingh) just departed from our home and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how it went. I have to tell you, I couldn’t be happier with the work and effort he put forth today. I have been a DIRECTV customer for at least 15 years so I’ve interfaced with many, many installers. I can easily say that none of the previous installers came even close to providing the level of service that he did. That is not to slight the work of other installers, because they are just fine. However, Todd went so far above and beyond to resolve a frustrating and lingering issue we had. An issue that two other installers were unable or unwilling to solve and simply chalked it up to a bad cable. Todd also took the time to take a tangled web of cables and make order out of chaos. He did so on a rainy, windy day with no complaints. In fact, he did it with a smile.

The company I work for is a sales, training, and support organization for engineering related software and hardware. I know good customer service when I see it, and today was an example of not just good service, but GREAT service.

You have a real asset on your team with Todd. I would highly recommend him for any work in the future.

Scott Byrne

Josh did a fantastic job! He arrived early, was prepared, thorough & polite. We were most impressed with his technical knowledge, which was quickly apparent, and his problem solving skills. I would like to recommend you consider him for a merit raise or bonus. We could tell he really enjoyed his job and was very helpful making sure we understood everything and answered all our questions.

Ms. Patercak switched from her cable service and is very impressed with the level of professionalism that Joe demonstrated. She is very happy with her new service and the care that Joseph took in her installation. She said he was very courteous and answered all of her questions. After being unhappy with the level of service she was accustomed to from her cable company, she said it was very refreshing to have someone as professional as Joe.

I am writing to let you know of the great service that was just provided by one of your techs named Chris Stephens. He was very thorough in his work and very kind and courteous as well. I usually do not follow up on calls/visits but Chris was outstanding in answering all questions and making sure that everything was taken care of before he had left. He put a solid 4.5 hours of work in and never stopped at any point. If and when we have any DIRECTV work done it would be great if we could have Chris back to do the job! We have had a lot of work done in this house over the last 8 years but Chris was the most professional and efficient of all of the techs/workers we have had here. I hope he is due for a promotion or a raise soon…he is deserving


Dan and Dawn Wydner
Clinton, NJ

Just a note to compliment the courtesy and professionalism of Johnny Castellanos. Johnny answered my request for assistance on my DIRECTV installation this morning (11/20/2013). He called in advance to let me know that he would be arriving shortly. Upon his arrival he noticed a snake nestled in the crevice between my storm door and my entrance door. Upon my investigation and surprise, I saw a small Copperhead (alive-and yes they are poisonous even at the young age) in the doorway. After dispatching the snake (cut into three pieces and sucked up by vacuum cleaner, Johnny then proceeded to find and correct my DIRECTV problem. He was also able to show me some of the features of DIRECTV that I was not aware of. I would like to commend Mr. Castellanos on his courteous and professional attitude toward me as a customer. I greatly appreciated the time and extra effort Johnny took to insure that I was satisfied with his performance.

Thank you,
Frank A. White

Customer Marisha Chamberlain wanted to recognize Tamara for her outstanding customer service today. Mrs. Chamberlain said that Tamara handled signing her up for service so beautifully. She said Tamara was very polite and courteous and connected with her very personally and wants to make sure Tamara receives the praise she deserves for her efforts.

Shawnee expressed to me that Jenn had been extremely helpful with her in the past several months. Shawnee was new to the SO business in August, and Jenn took it upon herself to provide training and materials and explanations that went above her normal duties. Shawnee said that she wouldn’t have half the understanding she has now if it weren’t for Jenn. Great job giving our Partners the best support, Jenn!


I am writing to let you know about my DIRECTV install this past
Saturday November 30, 2013.

My technician was James Buchanan. He arrived early which I like, but before he did he called and asked if that would be okay with me. Since I am an early riser and early for anything I must do I appreciated James right from the start.

James was made aware early on that I needed a complete install. I had no cable lines in the home. When I told him, I thought he might find an excuse to just move on and not do the install. He didn’t flinch.

As he was preparing to install, he heard me talking to DIRECTV customer service about receiving the NFL package I thought I was getting. My first call said I would not receive it so James told me to try the retention department. I did and received both the NFL and NHL package because of James. Instead of asking him to leave, which I’d have done if I had not received the NFL package, I was once again pleased with James’ simple effort to help a customer.

The install was going fine on the outside. I tried to assist him in any way I could knowing he would like to finish as quickly as he could. All was going well until he tried to run the line down an inside wall. He hit a firebreak. There was no getting through it and he did not have the tools needed.

Once again, I thought he would quit. He didn’t, he persevered. We
found some extended drill bits and, with a lot of effort, he was able to run the line down the wall. It was hard work doing the drilling in an attic where you cannot stand up.

I want to say that James is an outstanding service technician. I can be a hard man to deal with, and if I see indecision I can jump all over it. James knows his stuff and always keeps his cool.

My install took much longer than he had planned, which I knew would throw off his day. Yet, even after being here for hours, after the install was complete there he was explaining the remote to me and how things work.

Customer-Nominated Great Jobs!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Karen Foster
My name is Karen Foster and I am a DIRECTV customer. I recently moved and had a scheduled appointment for today October 1st between 8-12. We received a call stating he would be here between 9 and 10 and he got here at 9:30. Our tech’s name was Emmanuel, who upon arrival showed his identification and for the next 6 hours he worked to get us the best possible signal on our difficult property. He was very professional, courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. Most customers call to complain, but I wanted to take this time to praise a fantastic technician, Emmanuel. We are very satisfied customers.
Thank you,
Karen Foster

Theresa Weldele
On behalf of customer Theresa Weldele: this customer called in and wanted to express that her first experience with DIRECTV was very pleasant because of Mr. Cooper. She wanted to let him know that she was having a bad week and he made her smile and appreciates his help and professionalism. It was very important for her that he receives this recognition.

Patricia Richard
Kim was awesome and very detailed in her work. She was on time for her appointment and called before she arrived. Her speed of service was outstanding. Thanks so much for a great job.

Larry McIntosh
Larry Mcintosh wanted everyone to know what a great experience he had setting up his services today with Derek Nelson. He stated he was patient answered all his questions and he could tell he wanted to make sure he had everything he wanted. Also he was very impressed that Derek called him back after he was having computer issues to finish answering all of his questions. Customer was very appreciative. Thank you, Derek, for making this a world class call center!

Kam Heer
Sean has quickly come to know the ContextMedia account. He is doing a great job, and we’re excited about having such a talented dispatcher to work with. It makes our jobs so much easier to have a reliable tracker on the Multiband end. Thanks, Sean! (Kam Heer, ContextMedia)

Eric Sherman
I would like to take an opportunity to say thank you for the very professional technician I had today. Mr. Valeriy was the technician (ID:013893)(Activity #:1-1GZAB7CN) assigned to fix my DIRECTV unit. He found several communication issues throughout the house, and was able to diagnose and correct the problem quickly!

I’m very happy and satisfied Mr. Valeriy was able to fix my issues…I had a power pack not plugged in, all the coax wall plates had to be changed to allow correct frequency from the dish, and the wifi receiver unit had to be relocated from the basement to the second floor.
I hope you can send my appreciation to Mr. Valeriy he did an outstanding job.
You can definitely tell he is prior military.
Thank you again,
Eric Sherman
Aviation Safety Inspector
Louisville FSDO

Tracy Payne

John Holland was pleasant, professional and diligently performed his job above average. Mr. Holland explained the recording mode and the 2 picture features along with Pandora and other services we were unaware of. I would highly recommend him to perform any type of training to any new hires as he is well versed and conveys himself calm direct and appears pleased in providing exceptional service to DIRECTV’s customers.
Thank you and please forward our appreciation of his services.
Tracy Payne

Kiyana Stephanson
She really was absolutely wonderful! She worked really hard to find out what was going on and to try and offer me a solution that I would be pleased with and said she would follow up in the morning and provided me her supervisor’s name, just in case she is unavailable. You need more representatives like her.

Paul’s TV

A national accounts customer had a service call today. I called to follow up after the work order was closed and the manager stated that the service is running properly now and that the technician did a “top notch job” and that he would “give him an A+ rating.” He also stated that the tech was very attentive and careful to go over the entire system to ensure he had all issues resolved. The manager asked that I pass this information along so the technician can get the recognition he deserves.
Bernie completes several of the national account work orders and each time I follow up with the customer I get the same response. Everyone praises Bernie’s work and his great attitude toward his job. He does a wonderful job and exemplifies what customer service is all about.

Vincent W. Paul
Just wanted to send this out since I got a phone call to rate the repair tech’s performance and as I went to punch the number 10 to rate the tech’s knowledgeable repair job, I dropped my cell phone on the front porch(concrete) and it broke before I got the chance to type in the entire number. Consequently, I was only able to type in the number 1 which would signify a poor performance… Quite to the contrary! He was very professional, seem to take his job very seriously and seemed pleased that he had found the problem and that we were able to get back to enjoying the programming that we had subscribed to….He said that his name was JEFF and that if a problem ever occurred again, not to hesitate to call about it….Thank you for the great service and please keep up the great work!