It’s A Tough Job… by Josh Price, Lexington Market

What it seemed like:

Let me tell you the story of Multiband today…. While taking a phone call Shelly Pearson was viciously attacked by a mouse! First the mouse did a dance on her boot, reminiscent of the WB Frog. Suddenly Shelly jumps out of her chair, screaming as if she had been shot, attempting to run away, but falling due to the mouse tying her shoelaces together. As she made her way up, to the other side of the room, standing on a chair. But alas the mouse had died, scared to death. Or maybe it was deaf? The scream was so loud that Wendy’s down the street called to make sure all was okay. Lesson learned? Shelly should never go to Disneyland.

What actually happened:

The real story is that Shelly Pearson looked down while on a call in our tracking office and saw a small mouse run across the floor. Shelly is very scared of mice. So after screaming and standing on a chair to get away from it, Bonnie Wood picked up the mouse and took it outside, putting it back in the wild. This is one of those few times where being a tracker was a tough job, because everybody had to calm down after the blood curling scream that was let out. But everybody got back to work and had a great Saturday.

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