Great Job – Matt Magelitz

Nominated: 02/19/2012  Location: Bloomington

Dear Sir, I had the pleasure of meeting one of your installers, Matt Magelitz. Matt does a very good job of representing DIRECTV. Matt called about 20 minutes from arriving, came to the door clean, well mannered, and showed me his company ID. Matt came in and looked at what work was to be done. He found some old cable he said would work OK, but when I got my new HDTVs it would not have the quality picture that DIRECTV can deliver, so he replaced it. I work as a lineman on high voltage lines and understand that he took his job and service of your company very seriously, and I did like this. He went beyond his duty to help me understand the remote and how to use it. I told him I had a friend that has DIRECTV and was not happy, he took the time to call him and try to help him with who to call. My dad was interested in a mirror service add-on and called it in and requested Matt. He showed up the next day (by DIRECTV’s orders) and completed it. My dad was very impressed with Matt and the job he did for him. Matt is an ASSET to DIRECTV. I hope I am as happy with DIRECTV as I am with the man you sent to install it.

Thank you, and have a good day!

Dale P.

Bloomington Market Area

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