It’s A Tough Job… by Ron Landry, Portland Market

So, we all think of what could help boost morale… and when something goes wrong, you wonder, “What am I going to do to earn back this customer’s trust?”

Well, a scenario like this played out on this 4 box job in Gorham, Maine today, in which a customer was very upset and didn’t want anything done due to some frustration and poor customer service.

Our Tech Arborio and DST Francis would not let it go at the home, they were tag teaming on DIRECTV to get the order built correctly to an 8 box with a DECA.

It took 2 hours to get the order taken care of, which, to me, is above and beyond what is expected from a Technician.  In short, the customer threw another curveball at the guys and told them he only had 2 hours to get it done now.

Well, 2 calls were placed, one to Tech Borden, who just left a job with me in Saco. He headed right over, along with DST Moody, who was in Newfield. In all, the 4 guys were able to put such a smile on these customers’ faces and save another installation and customer. In talking to the customers during the install, they were so besides themselves that people actually care about their needs in this industry, had such a high level of team togetherness, and made it all happen in less than 90 minutes.

The customers advised they will be with DIRECTV for a long time, simply due to the consideration our Techs showed that they are valuable customers to DIRECTV.

Asking me if this is something that happens daily, I couldn’t lie, and advised with a big smile that there is no team like Maine, there is no job these guys will not tackle, there is no such thing as “NO” in their mindset. They agreed, and were just very happy with everything. When Tech Arborio advised they even ran a new line to their modem, as they were complaining their internet was going out constantly and the new line should make a difference in their endeavors with internet, the smile was lit up even more.

So, in all, I’m a very impressed, very happy Sup, and can honestly say it was so nice to see DSTs and Production guys on the same level just getting it done.


Ron Landry

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