Sometimes It’s A Tough Job… by Jim Mann, Portland

This is my first tough job. I have been out of training since January of this year and I’m guessing this won’t be my last.  On April 14, I was already running late. Being in contact with the customer, she let me know that dispatch and I were calling a business line and not her house. I let her know that I should be there around noon, being an 8-12 I was nervous running late the way I was.

As I arrived I got out of my van and walked over to the back door to greet the customer. I showed her my ID badge and she was clearly concerned and upset. She told me that the order was probably wrong cause she wanted to switch an existing account into her name.  She was irritated that DIRECTV would not just do that and she had to create a new account. I told her that I was there and I would make everything alright by the time I left.

After we had our 45 minute conversation, I started doing my site survey. I went outside to see that the existing dish was not bonded, there were barrels in the line from where the last tech there extended lines 10 feet from an older 18×20 dish, so this all had to be fixed. I then told the customer what needed to be done outside and asked to see where all the lines came into the home. She brought me in the basement and it looked that every time someone had cable or satellite they ran new lines and left the previous ones there.

Again, the customer made it very clear she was not remotely impressed with how things were down there. She pointed out where our equipment was put this time and repeatedly told me she is at the point that she doesn’t even know if she wants anything else because of the mess that was there already. I told her again that it was me there and I would make sure she was happy by the time I left — no matter how long it took, I would clean it all out so we would be starting with nothing there. She told me again that she’s not sure if she should even bother, I affirmed that it wouldn’t look anything like that when I was done.

After 4 hours of removing line after line and splitter after splitter by the time I finished I had close to 500 feet of line, 7 splitters, a power pack, and more zip ties that we have in our warehouse. I brought her down to show her the progress and it was the first time I saw any positive emotion to her new installation.

I mounted my dish, ran a new single line to a 4 way splitter, hooked up my ground and started activation of my 3 receivers. She let me know that she was extremely happy with the final results and she repeated what I had been saying to her all day long for the 6 hours, “You said I’d be happy by the time you left and I absolutely am! Thank you so much!” As I was leaving, she could not be happier with the job that I did.

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