July Green Drivers

Special recognition goes out to the following Multiband Associates for qualifying for July’s GREEN DRIVER program.

Bloomington: Ben Lehmann & Brent Redfern

Davenport: Robert VanBrocklin, George Wallace, Thomas Brock, Bryce Griswold & Dale Mahnesmith

Evansville: Shane Marlowe

Cincinnati: William Webster

Cleveland West: Mark Rankin, Arnold Bragg, Ryan Sackett & Frankie Martinez

Boston South: Alexander Exposito

Portland: Troy Reed, Gilberto Lopez & Vincent Pike

Bangor: Joseph Pasciuti, Phillip Martinez, John Paul Tirrell, James Tirrell & Daniel Fessenden

Houston Central: Russell Read

Paducah: Jacob Quint & Stuart Butwell

Shreveport: Thomas Macer

Houston South: Ken Copeland

Fayetteville: Jose Sanchez

Miami: Robeisy Herrera

Keep yourself safe, and DRIVE GREEN!


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