Dan Hornsby

Nominated By:  01/28/2011

We are writing you this message to inform you of the most positive experience that we have ever had with DIRECTV service. On Monday January 24, 2011 your employee, Dan Hornsby made an additional HD DVR install at our home. Mr. Hornsby was the most friendly, well informed and efficient worker that we have encountered in some 20 years as a DIRECTV customer. He should be the model that you use for all of your present and future field personnel. It is too bad that cloning is not available, as it would prudent for your company to make as many copies of Dan as you could. Dan will be the comparison for all future service and installs that we will have in the future for DIRECTV and all other companies that we invite into our home to perform work. We thought you should know this. If you were to use our service call as an example for all of your employees, you should get numerous emails of this sort.

I have been shook down for cash by other technicians, had property damage as result of their visits, and they have even let my dogs run loose, due to leaving gates open.

Dan Hornsby did none of these bad things, only an efficient install, he was immaculate in cleaning up, and answered a barrage of questions with great answers and insight.

We look forward to having Dan Hornsby return on any future service calls,and if he is not available,it is our hope that we receive a technician that is equal to Dan.

In closing, Dan would be a great training model for your services. We cannot express the complete satisfaction that Dan afforded us.

With sincere thanks,


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