Great Job – Domekin Francis

Nominated: 09/18/2012  Portland

Earlier today Mr. Francis was sent to repair my DIRECTV service. He spent a great deal of time, energy and patience in determining what the problem is with my PPV ordering service. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the diligence he took to find the problem and the respect he took to explain all the issues going on and what can be done to rectify them. I also was very impressed with the respect he took entering and leaving my home several times throughout his time here, making sure he used booties each time. He also was very conscientious to initially show his ID upon arrival, lending a great deal to safety in these strange times. While service calls can be very annoying, I cannot say how nice and refreshing it was to receive such great service when the situation was very frustrating. Please congratulate him on the personal pride he takes in his work, and in the positive image he presents for your company. Such customer service certainly deserves recognition.


Portland Market Area

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