You Know It’s A Tough Job… by Darcey Leu

The Miami market has an aggressive growth strategy – over the past 2 months, we have increased our tech capacity by 40% which has resulted in some issues in inventory issuances and the amount of parking spaces available.

The Cable industry runs differently than that of the HSP world – here we issue out equipment on a daily basis to each technician (currently 163 techs); and due to our current inventory and routing constraints, we are unable to pre-pull gear. This means that, as our tech numbers have grown, our wait times in the warehouse have increased significantly for our technicians.

As a result, our Inventory Manager, Jon Delano, and his crew have been working 3rd shifts in order to pre-pull gear and make the process more efficient for our technicians.

Aside from long hours, our technicians seem a lot happier due to the decrease in wait times. Though this is only a temporary fix until we find a facility better suited to our growing tech force, I wanted to take the time to share this “Tough Job” story with everyone to show some appreciation to Miami’s Warehouse Staff – We appreciate everything you do!

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  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Your the man jon!

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