It’s a tough job… by Nathan Froehle

“I was performing an installation at an apartment – one of those jobs that quickly turns into a monster. Four receivers going in, and the dish had to be placed on a pole on the side of the building. I ran the cables into the crawlspace under the apartment and replaced all of the lines that were previously there. The crawlspace was very tight and full of spiders. On top of that, it was close to 100 degrees outside, and the ground was rock-hard, but I was able to get the dish mounted and tuned.

After I ran the lines, I came inside to give customer education. Suddenly, the customer’s 5 year old son started screaming in the kitchen – we both ran in and found the boy with his head stuck between the spindles on the back of a kitchen chair! He was squirming wildly, trying to break free, and only succeeded in making things worse by turning upside down! The customer ran around, looking for something to help him out of the situation, and I told him we needed to take the chair apart to get him out. I had my tool belt on still, so I quickly used my Phillips screwdriver to take the chair-back apart and let the toddler out. The customer thanked me over and over again,saying he didn’t know what he would have done without me. He didn’t have any tools,and the chair was made out of metal – I know this atypical job wasn’t the toughest job out there, but I was glad I was there to help!”

Nathan Froehle

Louisville Market

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