Multiband’s Holiday Cookbook: D’s Simply Delicious Injected Stuffed Turkey Recipe by Damon Davis – Traverse City Market

D’s Simply Delicious Injected Stuffed Turkey Recipe


-          18 – 20lb young tom turkey

-          16 oz. bag of Pepperidge Farm stuffing cubes

-          1 cup chopped celery

-          1 cup chopped onion

-          6 Tbsp. butter

-          3 – 4 minced garlic cloves. More or less to your taste

-          1 cup Turkey giblets stock or you can substitute with Chicken stock

-          1-2 teaspoon of poultry seasoning

-          Pepper, seasoning salt, garlic salt

-          Injection syringe

-          1 cup Italian dressing

-          8-10 quartered redskin potatoes

-          1 package of baby carrots

-          6 garlic cloves sliced

-          Meat thermometer


1. First, you’ll need to thaw your turkey.  In my experience there are typically two safe ways of doing this. The easiest is to put the frozen bird in the fridge for 4-5 days before you cook it. Typically there is a chart right on the packaging. If you’re like me, then you’ll forget. The alternative is to submerse the bird in its packaging in a sink full of cold water. You’ll need to drain the sink and refill every half hour or so. Depending on the weight of the turkey, this should take about eight hours or so.

2. Preheat oven to 375.

3. Next, you’ll want to prep the turkey and start the stuffing. Most turkeys have a wire or poly clasp holding the legs together, so you’ll want to free the legs, but don’t remove the clasp entirely. Now you’ll want to reach inside and remove the giblets bag and neck and save those for stock if you intend to make your own. I opt to use a turkey roaster with a wire grate with handles. (seen below) This provides easier handling of the bird before, during and after cooking. It’s also a great way to cook up some roasted potatoes while you cook your turkey. Now you can put the turkey in the fridge until you’re ready for it keeping in mind that bacteria grows at temperatures above 45 F.

4. If you opt to make your own turkey stock, then you’ll need to get a medium sauce pan, add the giblets and neck, cover with water, add garlic salt and seasoning salt to taste and simmer for about an hour. If not, then you can substitute the chicken stock.

5. While the stock is brewing you can prep the celery, onions, garlic and potatoes. I like to mix the potatoes, carrots and garlic in a bowl and season them with light garlic and seasoning salt keeping in mind that you’ll get some seasoning off of the bird as you baste it. Cover and store in the fridge until there’s about 45 minutes or so of cooking time left on the turkey and then add them to the stock in the bottom of the roasting pan.

6. Remove the giblets and neck from your stock and add the butter, celery, onions and minced garlic and bring back to boil. Add the stuffing and fluff with a fork. Now you can add the stuffing to the cavity of the turkey. Now you fill the syringe with dressing and inject into the breasts, thighs, and legs; the more the better. At this point you’ll want to rub the entire bird down with butter and season to your liking with the poultry seasoning, pepper, and garlic salt. I pretty much cover it as I’ll be basting it and a lot of the seasoning will end up on the potatoes and carrots below. Now you can get it in the oven. I set the kitchen timer hourly and use a basting brush to baste the turkey and stuffing with the stock in the roaster below. At about four hours you’ll want to add the potatoes and carrots. At this point you can also add the meat thermometer into the thickest part of the breast. Most turkeys come with the pop up kind, but better be safe than sorry and add one that you are confident that works properly.

7. Remove the turkey when the thermometer reaches 165 F. This should be 4 ¾ to 5 ¼ hours of cooking time. Let the bird cool a bit, remove and dish the stuffing, potatoes and carrots. Carve and enjoy!!

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