Great Jobs!

Here are a few people that have provided excellent customer service in the last week. We appreciate all their hard work! If you happen to work with any of these people make sure to give them recognition in person.

John Carsey
After completing the service call he was there for he asked the customer’s son if all was going well when he played his PlayStation. The customer’s son said his gaming experience was not all that good. John showed him how to go through system with Ethernet, and the son was very impressed. The mother is a sports fanatic, so John showed her how to hold down the play button and have the TV go into live slow motion; she actually said, “WOW! How cool!”

Rhonda Schumm
Thomas Lowe would like to recognize Rhonda for her outstanding service. He stated he has been in customer service before and has spoken with many people and Rhonda was one of the most helpful and courteous representatives he has spoken with. She was able to assist him and he stated he wanted to make sure she was recognized as an asset to the company. Great job, Rhonda! Keep up the great work!

Chance Fierke
Joseph called to be sure to pass along how great of a Technician he had in his home. He said Chance was out to do an install. Joe is a bed-ridden homeowner. The words he used to describe chance were as follows: overwhelming patience, excellent demeanor, polite, refreshing, dignity was refined, very decent young man, has capacity only a person in his (Joe’s) state could really appreciate, spectacular. Great Work!

Rochenel Jean Baptiste
​Estella Guery wanted to recognize Roch for his outstanding service today. She said on a scale of 1 to 10, he was a 20! She stated he gave her all the options and didn’t try to rush her off the phone, and that he was very pleasant to speak with.

Abraham Feliz
In the service industry you must hear a multitude of complaints. This email is far from that. Your technician, Abraham, installed my DIRECTV service yesterday, July 11th. The technician is the true face of DIRECTV. How he or she handles themselves in front of the customer is critical to the success of the business. Abraham is the epitome of what a technician should be. He represents himself in a very professional manner. Customer satisfaction is paramount to him along with doing the job right. He is a very valuable asset to the organization and should be recognized as such. These type of dedicated technicians are few and far between. It was an absolute pleasure having him install our system. His attention to detail and dedication to doing a good job were impressive. I feel strongly that he should be rewarded for a job well done. Kudos to Abraham! Thank you for allowing me to express my complete satisfaction in a job well done!

Great Job, Everyone – Keep up the Good Work!

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