Customer-Nominated Great Jobs!

Rhonda Schumm
Customer Jose Zamora wanted us to know how big of a help Rhonda has been today. He has had many issues getting set up with services because he originally went through DIRECTV to set up an account, and the Tech came out and advised it was MDU, so he was not able to install the customer so had him contact us. DIRECTV refused to cancel the already created order, so we were unable to complete the sale. This went on for 5 long days and countless hours of talking to us and DIRECTV. Customer stated he was ready to just Cancel and give up on the idea because he no longer wanted to go through DIRECTV for services, yesterday he spoke with a CSR from CSS and they were able to get DTV to cancel the order but then there was no programming in DWS to select. He said he was going to call us to give it one more try to see if we could complete it. He called today and got Rhonda on the phone. She was able to calm the customer down by explaining everything for him so he could understand and she was patient, understanding and had a great attitude and now he is very excited to work with our company and getting services set up. Customer stated that we need “a million more Rhonda’s” working for our company. Customer’s exact words were “Thank God for Rhonda.”

Audrey Thayer
​Audrey, You have seriously just gained 10x business because of your actions in the last week. The buzz from the boys is amazing; we truly feel like your only customer right now. Keep up the great work!

Joshua Rudnick
In all my years of dealing with Service Technicians, I have never come across one as professional, courteous, honest and knowledgeable as my technician today, Josh.  He is obviously a dedicated and self-motivated Associate who takes pride in his work.  Josh came  to replace a cable going to your box, a job that he accomplished in a matter of minutes.  However,he saw another problem while he was here.  He could very easily have just left and not said a word because he corrected the problem that I called about.  Due to his sense of loyalty to the customer and to DIRECTV,Josh pointed out how the initial contract installation was done incorrectly and corrected the flawed installation.  We will forever be grateful to Josh and because of his exceptional customer service for us, we will recommend DIRECTV to all of our friends.  Please commend Josh for his exceptional performance and for his dedication to your company.

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