It’s a Tough Job… by Robert Dennis

While in training, I met another Technician to help on a 4-box install. The customer said that his wife would be there and she would be able to answer any questions for us. We performed a site survey, went over it with her, and followed through with the install. A few days later, the customer contacted us about the location of the ODU and met with our Tech Supervisor about this. He was unhappy because he would have to mow around it and he also did not like the way the wiring was ran underneath the mobile home. My Tech Supervisor decided to send me out there to try to make him happy.

When I arrived, he was furious about the install. He asked me if I would have that done at my own home and wanted to know why we left wiring loose under the home. After listening to the customer for about five minutes, I calmly asked what he would do differently. He started to explain that he would like the dish to be moved about twenty feet further from the home so he wouldn’t have to mow around it, and he had some more specific details about the cabling because he planned to use part of the area under the mobile home for storage.

I apologized to him because we were unaware he wanted to use the area in question for storage and also explained that we placed the ODU where it was to get the best signal. I went on to explain that we did not consider the place he recommended because it appeared to be part of someone else’s property. He verified his property lines and assured me that his recommended location was, in fact, a part of his property. I explained to him that we normally do not move dishes for customers for convenience but we are going to today for your loyalty to DIRECTV. He offered to help with the trench and was there right beside me every step of the way. He was very thankful after the install that I was willing to assist with his concerns and offered me supper after the install along with a bag of freshly grown banana, habenero, and jalapeño peppers from their garden to take home!

Robert Dennis II

Paducah Market

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