It’s a Tough Job… by Trevor Walter

I have been working with Multiband for about 4 months now in the field, and I have to say, I really enjoy the challenges that come with this job. I have dealt with my fair share of cold, wet crawl spaces to areas in which I feel that most people would not even think about entering, even the customers themselves. Either way, I know that I have a job to do for each location that I arrive at.

The day of 12/3/13 was by far the most challenging so far for me. It was not a dirty environment nor a place that was cold and difficult to get to. It was the initial wiring of the home done by the customer’s relative. The entire house was wired so that anything that was played from the TV in the living room would be viewed throughout the entire house cabling system.

Before I arrived I felt that this ‘upgrade’ was going to be fairly simple and consist of a couple receivers being swapped and an ODU upgrade. Instead, what I found was the whole wiring for the house’s “Super Mirror” was entwined within the DIRECTV cabling!

So I started tracing out the cables from where I thought were coming from the ODU and Upgraded the system to SWiM. When I was to the point of swapping out the receivers for the Genie system, I found that two of the four lines I thought were the ones from the ODU were not. Later, throughout my backtracking, I found that I had spliced into the mirroring cables.

At this point, I can make a long story short and say that I was able to reconnect the mirrored lines and successfully got the customer up and running with his new whole home DVR system with his whole home mirror system. My thoughts were that this upgrade would take about an hour when, in reality,it end up taking five. No matter that the job took longer than presumed; it was a great learning experience.

Trevor Walter

Grand Rapids Market

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