Customer-Nominated Great Jobs


I was doing a Quality Check on the new install done by Danny. The customers came out to speak with me during this. They wanted to make sure that I knew that Danny went above and beyond with their install. Not only did he install the job to all requirements of our standards, the customer was very happy with the neat and clean appearance of the install. They also stated that they were very pleased with his manner and the way he fully explained the install before beginning the job. And most importantly they were very impressed with the amount of customer education he gave them. They were an older couple and stated that it was a bit difficult for them but he stayed until they were sure about use of the equipment even though it was very late. It was 9 pm before the tech closed the job and left the residence. This level of customer education shows a great dedication to customer service.

Thomas Payne called me after Adam Patterson left his home to tell me what an outstanding job he did. Mr. Payne lives in a mobile home park and DIRECTV had the wrong phone number and no lot number on the work order. Adam went out of his way to find the lot number and showed up to get the job done. The customer also stated that he was very professional and did an outstanding job on showing him how to use his new DIRECTV equipment.

The service call I had today was awesome! As soon as I called there was a technician there the same day. He explained I needed my dish aligned. He did the work and was very polite. Great job and thanks!

Thank you very much for sending Jodie Whipple out this morning to do a DIRECTV installation for us. This young man was quick to show me his name tag, and respectfully put on his blue slippers before ever coming into our home.

He was careful, thorough, and answered all of our questions. He even was able to move an extra receiver for us, that we had decided we wanted to keep so we could enjoy DIRECTV in our kitchen.

On top of all the basics, Jodie used an under cabinet mount for us with the new receiver, and worked as best he could to help us remove the clutter of wires to a less conspicuous location, leaving things looking better as well as functioning better.

There was a problem with our Whole Home service not getting authorized, and he had to make a few calls to get that accomplished, but he did not leave until all three of our units were up and running well – with the whole home feature running smoothly. He even labeled the different remotes so we would know which unit to use them with.

Many thanks for the excellent care! Jodie is definitely a 10, in personality, and in service!!!


Ruth Ann (& Dave) Giffin

Colleen called to say that Linn did a really fantastic job. She said he had a great personality and wanted to let us know that we made a great choice in hiring him!

The tech was very professional. He showed his ID at the door as soon as he walked up. When I told him the problem he said he was sure he knew what was wrong and was correct his first try. He had us back in service in no time. Every technician should be as knowledgeable. He is a credit to your company.

Very good job at servicing my DIRECTV. Replaced my DVR and explained using an external hard drive In future so I don’t lose my recordings. Thank you for rehooking up my Internet for DIRECTV. We could not figure it out!

Calvin said that Shannon came out to his home and had to work a good part of the day to restore service to his home. It was a holiday(Christmas) and Shannon went above and beyond. He said he did a wonderful job and he really appreciated it especially on a holiday. Thanks, Shannon.

Robert arrived at my home yesterday, 12/29/2013 for a scheduled appointment arranged by DIRECTV. As with many of my dealings with DIRECTV, this appointment was set after several calls to them in which they sent me the wrong equipment or gave me the wrong information. Although DIRECTV gave me a four hour window, Robert contacted me and narrowed it down to a 15 minute window. Because of my many dealings with DIRECTV, I was very annoyed when Robert arrived. In spite of this, Robert was very patient and understanding. He answered all of my questions patiently and professionally. He also stood in my driveway, in the rain and cold for 45 minutes while on hold with DIRECTV. He listened to my ranting but never said anything derogatory about DIRECTV or your fine organization. He remained professional and courteous throughout. Had Mr. Grissom handed me my equipment and moved on to a more lucrative installation, I would have completely understood. Because he took the time to completely explain all options, I had no problems with my installation and am a much happier customer. (I was very close to canceling my account after 19 years!)

Kasey Hanson wanted to recognize Tamara for her customer service today. She said that this was one of the best customer service experiences she has ever had with trying to get her service set up and she said that Tamara was excellent.

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