Custom-Nominated Great Jobs


I have never done this before but I received such exceptional service from one of your employees, Johnathan Riley, that I made him give me your email address so I could let you know. I know people are really quick to complain about service but don’t always let those in charge know when the service is good.

The first thing that impressed me was that he was on time (actually, he was a little early). Secondly, when he came in, I told him that circumstances had changed since I placed the order. I found out last week that my daughter and her fiancé will be moving in with me and I asked him if we could change up the work order to do a whole home genie. He said no problem and got on the phone to change the work order. After talking to customer service and due to the price constraints (It was going to cost me about $200), I chose not to do this. He then figured out that by moving a couple of the boxes that I already had, he could make it work. I’m not exactly sure how he did it, but I now have everything I wanted on all of my TVs. Thirdly, he checked, and found out that my satellite dish was not in the most optimal position. He took the time to move the dish to a place where I will get the least interference. I doubt that there are many technicians who would volunteer to do this.

Being in management myself, I know how hard it is to find quality, courteous, conscientious employees and just wanted to let you know what a great job Johnathan did.

Sincerely, Debbie Pearce

Dan came out and did a great job re-installing our DIRECTV. We should have never switched, but having an employee like Dan is why we like DIRECTV so much. He put up a new dish since the roofers bent the old one. He even programmed all the remotes to work on all our TVs. Thanks for going the extra mile to ensure everything was working the way it should.

Mr. Watkins came to our home to figure out why one of the TVs wasn’t working, why one of them quit recording, and if one of our outlets was working OK. He discovered that the receptacle for the first TV had a problem with the coax end. He changed the end and the TV is working OK. The second TV, which is our main TV had a problem with the DIRECTV box. He replaced it with one he had on the truck, and it seems to be working OK. This box was just replaced last summer for other problems that we were having with it. Mike checked the outside recpt and it is working OK as well. Mike was very personal and easy to talk to. He explained everything that he was doing and gave me some pointers on how to test my coax in the future. He worked quickly and was very tidy with the parts that he removed. When he first arrived, he showed my wife and I his badge so we knew that he was an authorized DIRECTV tech. We feel that he did a very good job for us and maybe went beyond our expectations. We would most certainly recommend him to others and would want him to come again if we have future problems.

Your tech came out to help me in a BAD snow and I am so very thankful! I did not want to not have DIRECTV. When you say 99% reliable you really mean it no matter what the weather your guys have to work in. He did a great job and fixed me right up.

I’m a new customer and Thomas made me love my new DIRECTV already! He showed my so many new things and channels I’m sure I won’t remember everything. He was very helpful and did a great job! He is the best and he hooked up my DIRECTV on demand which is perfect.

Our technician went above and beyond our expectations. He took the time to make sure all of our receivers and remotes were working properly and he updated and fixed our equipment that was not working properly and he fixed all of our remotes. He did an excellent job and we were very happy and satisfied with his work and his customer service.

Having Justin McGee as a tech to help with DIRECTV was a very pleasant experience. After all the complications we were experiencing, he came in and fixed our problems and gave us some wonderful advice on other possible problems that we could have. He gave us answers to questions we did not even know we needed to ask. He was patient and used layman terms that allowed us to understand technology. I would highly recommend him for situations where the customer does not have a lot of information/knowledge about technology in general. He was always polite and respectful in our home. I cannot say enough good things about this young man. If you ask me if I could say about any weaknesses that Justin has I could not think of one. This was a good way to end an unpleasant event.

Mr. Wilber called to advise that he had the best experience he has ever encountered when it comes to TV installations. Joshua displayed professionalism, quality that was well beyond the expectations, spent an hour going over every detail in regards to the genie system, making sure that Mr. Wilber understood and demonstrated back how to operate they system. His knowledge and desire to be superior at what he does really makes him special to his customers, being just 1 customer that has been involved with his manner, I’m sure they all get the same perspective, treatment and outcome. He is an asset to your company and an exceptional technician, and man.

Jodie Whipple was out at our house yesterday doing some service work for us. I just wanted you to know what a valuable employee you have. Jodie is very thorough in his job. He makes sure everything is up to DIRECTV standards and that our problem was resolved while being very professional and courteous. This is the second time he has been out and each time we couldn’t be more pleased with the service he provided!

Jennifer and Ted Green
Princeville, IL

My name is LaToshia Carraway, and I was wanting to let you know that I received service from Johnathan 44972 and he went above and beyond. He knew the product and was very educated on all of the services. He also showed us all of the features on the genie. Also he’s a very likeable guy. My husband, children, and I really enjoyed him. I wish we could make a special request for technicians.

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