Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

MAY 2014

I just want to say that the technician you sent out today, to assist me with my issue, was very professional. The care and concern he showed me and my family is very rare and I would just like to say thank you. The technician you sent out today represented DIERCTV well and he should be commended. I have been dealing with Century Link for 6 months concerning my wireless modem and internet service. The only remedy they had was to keep sending me out a system and having me to connect it. This has caused issues with my DIRECTV and overages on my Verizon cell phone data plan. The Technician you sent out today assisted me with all of these issues and everything is working the way it should be. I am a DIRECTV customer for life and my technician is one of the reasons why. Thank you, DIRECTV!

I want to give my highest praise to technician Cody Miller #19191 for his outstanding work when installing DIRECTV at my home last week. He took every measure to make an installation of my TVs at the spots we wanted them. He worked quickly and tirelessly. He went into a very small crawl space that he barely could squeeze through and went into my attic several times. He was very cordial and respectful. Cody is the best technician I have ever seen.

Mr. Greg Smith came to our home on time, and after showing us his ID, he examined what the problem was and fixed it. He found the dish was blocked by trees. Mr. Smith moved the dish, grounded it properly and ran new cable from dish to the receiver drops and to the meter to ground, all in less than an hour. Mr. Smith was kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable. Thank you very much for sending Mr. Smith to us for our repairs.

Billy K. Green

Gene was so helpful. He went above and beyond his job. Our order was wrong and when he called to fix it, DIRECTV wanted to charge me $100. This wasn’t what we were previously told by DIRECTV, and the person on the phone was rude and hung up on me when I said I was going to switch to Dish. Gene made several calls; it took him an hour or more but, In the end, he got our order fixed like it was suppose to be. Thanks for sending him to us.

Corey went to a commercial job for Rockport Shoes in a large shopping mall. I believe the job had been turned down previously, but the notes said that the ODU had to be mounted to the frame of a roof HVAC unit which isn’t allowed. Corey got together with the business and building management to see if the job could be done. A job map, detailing exactly what’s going on with the building to get DIRECTV installed, needs to go thru corporate before any kind of work can be started. They went to the roof and Corey found a way to install a rail mount. It’s going to be a week or 2 before the final approval comes back, but Corey took his time to go the extra mile to help the customer get DIRECTV. They also want Corey to be the Installer knowing he’s the best of the best. Great Job, Corey, for taking your time to find a way.

He was very professional, stuck to his task, cleaned up all materials after and is the very first tech that ever buried the cable. He made sure I knew how to use my controller and all the things that was different form the old receiver. Very helpful.

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about the service we received from your tech Roger Neal. I can’t say enough about the service he gave us. He listened to what problem we were having. He checked out our Internet setup and found out that we would get better service if we wired the Internet a different way. He stayed around to make sure that all of our other devices that were hooked up to the TV worked, and helped us setup the one that wasn’t working.

The customer service he showed us is what most companies are lacking. I can’t tell you how often we put up with bad service just because the price was good. Your company is an exception to the rule. Great service and a good price. Roger was an extremely knowledgeable tech and a very nice man. Roger didn’t leave until he was sure we were completely satisfied. I would give your company a very high score and recommendations to all of my friends. This is the kind of employee any company would love to have represent them. I don’t know if all of your tech are this great, but I’m glad that you sent us Roger Neal.

Thank You,

Ray and Jan Gavril

We were so glad when he got here and hooked up our Internet. We were totally confused on how to get it set up and he did it in a matter of minutes, and then checked all of our equipment to make sure everything was connected right. He even took the time to program two of our remotes that were not set up right. Thank you for doing those little extra things for us.

Travis was our installer over the weekend. He had an enormous task of changing over and correcting wires that had been neglected for years in this early 1900’s 23 room complex. He stuck with it all day for nearly 10 hours before completing the job. I would like to brag on him and the two other fellows that helped out, and let you know if all our interactions with your company continue this way we will remain proud DIRECTV customers for years to come!

Here are the names of the two gentlemen that installed our DTV system.

Lead Technician: Newton Raymond
Trainee Technician: Andre Alexis

The Trainee had been on the job only 3 weeks. In my opinion, DIRECTV could not have been luckier pairing him with Newton. Newton was probably as 1st class as you could get. I couldn’t believe the level of detail and professionalism he brought to the job. First, he spent 2 hours searching for a clear spot and the location he found couldn’t have been better. It required them to dig a 75′ trench up the house to run the cable through the basement.

Then when he determined the cable lines that were installed in the house were not sufficient to DIRECTV standards, he ran all new lines through the walls of the home.

He was an amazing technician…

We could not have gotten a better crew! I hope my congratulations reach the techs because they deserve the recognition. It was an outstanding job.
Thanks a lot, Dave! And Thanks Margery for your assistance with the coordination. I appreciate it very much!

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