Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 6/1/2014

To Whom It Concern,

Please allow this email to serve as a letter of recognition. Please recognize your employee, Joshua Hall, for the exemplary service he provided today. Mr. Hall was very polite and kind from the time he arrived at my home until his departure. He was very informative and knowledgeable about his job. Mr. Hall exhibited both professional and world class customer service. He took great pride in his work. He gave his opinions of what would work best for us based on the positioning of our house. In addition, he made sure my husband and I knew exactly what he would need to do before he started the process.
Mr. Hall deserves formal recognition for the service he provided today! He is a fine representation of your employees and your company.

Thank You and God Bless,
Erica Highbaugh
DIRECTV Customer

I am Cris Benes, Seth’s Supervisor. I spoke with Mrs. Carter on the phone and she told me of the wonderful job Seth did. Along with his usual duties of installing a new dish, cleaning up all of the outside cable, and installing and explaining the new DVR, he went above and beyond. While completing the install, a heavy door began to fall off it’s hinges onto Mrs. Carter and Seth was able to pick it up off of her and place it in a safe place. Seth also was able to move a large heavy table leaf out of an area where the customer often tripped over it. Mrs. Carter made sure to let me know of Seth’s fantastic job so I believe he has earned recognition.

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