Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 6/8/2014

Susan sent a handwritten note home with her tech, Chad Johnson. She wrote: Chad is a very good and nice guy to work, talk, and teach customers. He is excellent. You need to give him a raise. Chad is very good with people. He stays calm and talks very politely and to the point. I’d have him back any day. Thank you, Susan

In these days of apathy, it is refreshing to receive service from a courteous professional technician. May 2, 2014, your technician, Farrakhan Cato, supplied service to me. It must be noted he displayed an exception to many technicians. I was recently discharged from the hospital with congestive heart failure. Farrakhan Cato was not only gracious but displayed concern I understood. Farrakhan Cato performed above and beyond the requisite. It should be noted that his performance was enhanced by his outstanding personality. Indubitably, Farrakhan Cato is an asset to your establishment and deserves a commendation. My sincere wishes that you and your staff enjoy a safe and healthy summer.

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