Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 7/20/2014

Mike Fagundo and Josh(supervisor who assisted him) went above and beyond the call of duty to install my new DIRECTV system! They came after hours, because the original installer got delayed, and stayed until later that evening to make sure the installation was done correctly. They both were very professional and pleasant, in addition to being very competent! Thank you!

I’ve been having intermittent service for a few days now, so I spoke with Dana Fair who ultimately hooked me up with Ryan Burhans for a service call. I would like to thank Ryan for taking care of me so quickly, within an hour of my request. He cleaned up some excess cable, replaced a couple of parts, and showed me everything that he found wrong. He was also very friendly with my kids and nephew. Thanks a lot, Ryan, for your prompt and efficient service!

I would like to personally ensure that Technician Derek Millett gets recognized for his wonderful professional behavior. Mr. Millett demonstrated how our system works, what to do when certain interferences arise, and he even walked us through the entire system to show us every piece so we would understand what it does, and what to do if it is not working. I am so happy that the technician did show up on time, and his disposition was very nice and courteous, which today is not seen with too many companies. We want to make sure he is recognized for taking the extra time to show us everything, which no one has ever done, to answer all our questions and we are at ease now knowing how it all works and what to do if we have a problem. His confidence in his job is admirable, his attitude is excellent, and he is an asset for your company and we want to thank you for having him come to our home today. Thank you.

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