Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 8/17/14

Mr. Denning called me this morning and wished to convey how well Michael took care of their home. Chris stated that Michael stated there were several issues with their original system and that he reran quite a few cables and relocated the dish to a suitable location. Mr. Denning wanted to let me know that he did a swell job and worked really hard to ensure that their system was operating properly. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Martinez!!!

Mrs. Gully called me this afternoon and wanted to let me know how wonderful Andrew was. She commended him on his hard work and his expertise. She stated that he was the most knowledgeable technician that ever visited her home. She said he took his time, addressed each issue and owned every opportunity to enhance this customer’s experience. She also said she would adopt him if she could. Great job, AJ!!!!

Awesome tech!!! He showed me everything that was done and explained it fully. He was only here for a short time and completed his work to my liking. He was very professional and would I love to have him be our tech forever. He paid attention to my instructions before arriving at our house and called first. Excellent worker. Thank you, Jonathan!!!

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