Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 8/24/14

Hello Mr. Luna,

I wanted to express my appreciation of the wonderful job Robert “Cody” Stanley did at our home on August 18, 2014.

Cody arrived on time, showed me his identification and got right to work. He had the main problem resolved in a matter of minutes and explained what was wrong in a way that I could understand. He addressed our second concern and was also able to resolve it efficiently and properly. We were very pleased with his attitude and willingness to explain everything to us.

Cody made the home repair experience beneficial and pain free and we are very grateful. He would be welcome back to our home for any further upgrades or repairs.

Thank you so much for allowing me to acknowledge Cody and his exceptional work.

Kind regards,

Robin and Michael Maley

Mrs. Bertrand informed me of how impressed she was with Brian and his professionalism. She felt like he went above and beyond in every aspect of her experience and insisted that he needs to be in leadership. After 20 minutes of her praising Brian, I agreed he represents Multiband with integrity and thanked her for the positive feedback.
Thank you, Brian, for caring about the customer!

Hello. I would be very happy to speak with anybody from Mr. Griswold’s company to say thank you in person for the great job he’s done today. I want to just make note that he actually inspected our entire system, found cracks in the cable and replaced them, and ran new cable into the house so that we won’t experience trouble in the future. This should make a difference to you guys, because you probably are spared another trip, or two, because this fellow did it right. I hope you have him in line for a raise, a promotion, and all other kinds of good stuff because he really earned it!

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