Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 9/14/14

I was really appreciative of how Jeremy came to my house, on a Sunday, to quality check the install that was done the day before. Upon hearing some of my frustration with how we were losing signal, he fixed our satellite dish and now the system works perfectly. I was starting to regret having DIRECTV, until this visit, and now I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Jeremy!

Charles Box was very professional and left us with a DIRECTV system that worked as advertised. Our picture quality is the best we have ever had.

I cannot thank you enough for sending such a nice, skilled lead tech to do our installation yesterday. Ricardo Vasquez(ID 32822) took care of everything and, I am so pleased and satisfied with his work that it is worth mentioning and sharing with everyone in your office. He definitely demonstrated the vision Mr. White stands for, and made such a difference in how I was viewing this company prior to installation. It was a big job, as you know, 9 TVs, and took over 12 hours even with help from his supervisor to make sure all of the correct type of cable was used. Optimum, our previous carrier, uses a different type of wiring, therefore Ricardo and Joe had to rerun all of the cable and not take any shorts with slicing, dicing, and splicing. They ensured the job was done the right way in order to result in optimal signal strength and performance of the DIRECTV in general.
Both gentlemen worked their butts off and Ricardo finished it up. I am looking forward to loving all of the benefits in switching
to DIRECTV from Optimum.

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