Customer-Nominated Great Jobs

WEEK OF 10/5/2014

I’m a new DIRECTV customer, and Shannon Johnson was assigned to our home today to install our service.

First, I should tell you that we “fired” Comcast and came over to DIRECTV because of constant service problems and communication snafus. So, believe me, I was very much looking forward to seeing the level of service we would receive today during our DIRECTV installation.

Frankly, we were beyond impressed. The fact is, we were just blown away.

Firstly, Shannon was immediately warm and friendly, in addition to his highly professional demeanor. We had several rooms, several questions, several nitty-gritty details, and his ability to comfortably and quickly take care of it all showed his in-depth technical knowledge and his concern for our needs.

I also found Shannon to be a great trainer; once everything was installed and running, he delivered training to us on the remotes, DVR, On Demand, PIP, etc. in such a way that I immediately caught on. He also concerned himself with finding out what features we felt we would use the most, and then spent even more time teaching those specific features, even having me handle the remote and taking me through examples. It was just awesome. He creates a superior customer service experience simply by being himself.

Overall, this is the easiest, smoothest, most pleasant experience we have ever received in getting television service installed. As you are likely well aware, it is the “troops on the front lines”, the consumer-facing team members, that are the biggest drivers of long-term brand loyalty. Shannon is an exemplary brand ambassador. It is obvious that he absolutely loves his job, and his company. You can be very proud that he represents your firm, and through your firm also builds a good reputation for your client, DIRECTV.

Thanks for this opportunity to express our appreciation.

I wanted to personally send you a note and let you know that Newton Raymond did a fantastic job at my house on Friday, October 3rd, installing my Genie system. Newton was extremely thorough from evaluating the dish and quality of my signal, to neatly installing the components for the Genie server and even cleaning up my utility closet to ensure easy access to the cables. In addition, he took the time to check all of my equipment and identified an HD box that was overheating and would require another call if he didn’t check. He also took time to show me how to use the equipment and was patient with all of my questions. He didn’t leave my house until after 9 pm on Friday and did not stop moving from the minute he arrived. I’m extremely busy and was happy that all of the new equipment worked flawlessly throughout the weekend, including the TV that I moved outside to watch NFL Sunday Ticket, via a wireless Genie.

Please thank Newton, again, for doing such a great job.

Take care,


Carolyn S. Clark, MBA
Peloton Advantage, LLC

Our tech was excellent. Tom was very pleasant to deal with. He completed the job, and his workmanship was very professional. He was thoughtful about his work and we couldn’t be happier.

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