It’s A Tough Job… by Jason Rager

One year ago, I was given a service call at a river camp in Evansville, Indiana.  When I walked up to the customer’s front door, he told me that I was there to uninstall everything (using much cleaner language), or he would just throw it all in the river.  He had been charged almost $150 in incorrect fees, hung up on, transferred to everyone, insulted, and ignored by customer service.  His system had not been working for almost 3 weeks.  I politely asked if I could take a look at his system and see if there was anything I could do…  30 minutes later he believed that I was really only wanting to fix his problems.  His slimline dish was mounted into a tree, shooting straight into 4 more, all the coaxial cables were hanging through the trees to his house, the cables were run through the windows and straight into his receivers.  He told me 5 people had been out there to tell him he had no line of sight for DIRECTV.  Being a wooded area, it was very hard to find.  On the other side of his house was a corn field through the woods, at exactly 148 ft from his first receiver.  I spent 12 hours installing his new system, trenching through the woods, and removing all of the old system.  Finally after 1 hour on the phone with customer service (with errors on both ends), we got his bill figured out.  When I left, he was smiling from ear to ear, and couldn’t thank me enough.  It took all day, but the job passed a post QA and it felt good to completely flip that customer around.


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