It’s A Tough Job… by Darrin Bourque

My story is based on a job I had during my first week out in the field on my own. The time slot for this job was 12-4pm. I was already running late due to unforeseen problems with my first two jobs of the day, not to mention I was still working on building up my efficiency on installs. While en route, I made my pre-call to the customer to inform her that I was en route to her home and gave my ETA. I went over the work order with her to make sure the work order was correct and to see if she had any specific driving instructions. She informed me that a technician had previously done an install and mistakenly cut and tied into one of the wrong cables (which were to her internet service), so she was already on edge about our services. I reassured her that I would do anything and everything within my abilities to fix the problem and to do the upgrade (adding two more receivers) to her account.

I arrived at the home, met the customer, went over the location of equipment and the issues with the cut wire, and performed the site survey. While looking in the attic, I noticed there were a number of wires from telephone, satellite, off-air antenna, cable television, and cat5. Most of all, none of the wires were labeled, there were improper connectors and messy wire running, all of which ran through the entire 5,000sqft of this two story home. One of the new receivers was going in a room completely on the other side of the home which had an rg6 coax run down the wall. The wire in this wall was not live and I could not trace this wire to anywhere that made sense. I finally ran another wire right on the side of it and made my connection to pull the new wire down the wall using the existing.  I kept telling myself, “it only LOOKS worse than it is.”

It turned out to be as bad as it looked.

After working in this home for over 8 hours total, I worked through the job and fixed all the issues including the internet cable that the customer used for her business at home. I neatened everything up, changed wires that were bad, activated the new receivers, and left the customer with a smile on her face. I was able to rebuild her confidence in DIRECTV installers as well as build confidence in myself in the job that I do and love.


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