It’s A Tough Job… by Dwayne Hubbard

Lexington had a customer come in the front door of the office. After talking to DIRECTV he did not like the outcome, so he decided to take matters in his own hands and come to the local office where he had seen many of the vans come in and out. The owner of the local restaurant and bar came into the office because he was fixing to open up for business after remolding and relocating, and was expecting to draw a good crowd because of the sports programs on 13 HD 56 INCH TVs. He wanted to talk to someone in charge, and that is when I went up front to have him come back to my office. He began to tell me that he had called DIRECTV to set it up, but the best they could do was 2 weeks out because of the procedure that commercial installs had to go through. I went in the system and searched with his phone number and found that there was an appointment which was set for the time he stated. I called the Tech Supervisor of that area (Travis Jones) to see if he had a tech available to complete this job sooner and he stated if he did not, he would complete it himself. After talking to Travis and the bar owner, Travis and Technician Josh Benton got together that afternoon and went and completed the Install so that everything was working for the Sports Event that weekend and that the customer understood how everything worked. He was very pleased and commended everyone involved, but by the end of the day all we had done was do what we do on a normal everyday basis, and that is satisfy the customer. After completing the job, the customer wanted to supply us with lunch for completing the job in a timely manner and refused to take no for an answer, so he furnished lunch for everyone involved and still to this day he talks about his experience with us to all his customers. This could not be done without the help from everyone mentioned above, which adds up to be a great team that I am very proud to be part of at Multiband.


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