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Multiband Community is an environment used to communicate a vast amount of information to customers and associates in a proactive manner.  It gives the ability to share news and press releases about upcoming changes within the company, events and property launches, as well as information on Multiband’s many products and services such as DIRECTV, ADT Security, HugesNet and WildBlue satellite Internet, to name a few.

This is a window into the company, allowing followers to read about the “Great Jobs” that many employees at Multiband strive towards on a daily basis. It is extremely important to give credit where credit is due and to take a moment to complement an employee for going the extra mile to ensure that Multiband’s customers are made a priority. Additionally, Multiband Community serves as a venue in which customers can provide constructive criticisms, helping promote the evolution into a better Corporation.

Multiband Community opens a positive line of communication between Multiband, its associates and clientele through these blog entries.  So, feel free to post your thoughts! Your input and interaction is an important part of its success.

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  1. Sam Simons says:


    I recently upgraded to HDTV,and my technician,Randy Hartgraves, was excellent to work with. Randy did a very careful,professional installation,and was genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction. Thank you,Randy.

    Sam Simons

  2. Multiband Corporation says:


    Thank you for your feedback on your service! We will definitely make sure that Randy receives recognition for the job well done. Enjoy your HD programming!!

  3. Randy King says:

    I wanted to take a moment and write a quick email to commend one of your employees – Phillip Martinez.  We are renting a home on Mount Desert Island in Maine and the TV satellite was not working.  There are 8 of us and we were hoping to watch the Olympics.  We called for Service on Sunday and scheduled an appointment for service on Tuesday at 4pm (nothing available on Monday).  Not the way I wanted to spend my vacation, waiting for the repairman, but the story has a happy ending.

    Phillip renewed my faith in the average person and a good work ethic.  The appointment block was from 4pm to 8pm and he arrived right on time, a little early actually.  We were receiving a 711 error code (no signal).  He did some initial work to improve the signal but it was unsuccessful in improving the signal reception to acceptable standards across the board.  He had a picture at this point which to us was “good enough”, but he was determined to get acceptable numbers across the board.  He said this was necessary to close out the ticket.  He continued with his efforts pruning selective branches that were impacting the signal.  He had a good line of sight from the dish to the satellite but was missing on 1 number.  After some additional fine tuning and a few calls, he ultimately determined it was a bad dish (or component of the dish).  He stayed committed to the job well after dark and completed the job successfully with a dish replacement.  He had a 2 hour drive home after our job.  We shared some dinner with him when he was done and signed-off (our thank you to him) and he headed home.

    I simply wanted to say thank you to Phillip and I hope this email will gain him some acknowledgment by your company.  I have often had utility company employees do work in my own home that is “good enough” but certainly not a “job well done”.  Phillip exemplified a job well done.  I will plan to call his direct supervisor and pass along my thoughts but I also wanted to make sure that your human resources group was aware of this positive interaction with a Multiband employee.  Thanks for your time.

    Randy King
    802-264-6263 (O)
    802-343-6272 (C)

  4. Multiband Corporation says:


    Thank you for your post and interaction with Multiband Social Media! We have a program which you can view here on our blog named “Customer Recognition” or “Great Jobs”. Please check back here or on our Facebook page ( to see your post in regards to our technician Phillip Martinez out of our Bangor location. Your recognition will also be forwarded to Multiband’’s CEO Jim Mandel to let him know of your positive experience and ensure that your technician’’s “job well done” is recognized. Enjoy your TV viewing and thanks again!

  5. Lindsay Fraley says:

    Of all the postings I make, this is my favorite type. After being a happy DIRECTV customer for 2 years, I was at the end of my initial contract, and not knowing exactly what to do know, I called my agent; after some talking I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the Whole Home system. Things just did not work out as I had expected, I was not pleased and just wanted my old system/program back. Four phone calls, one service call ( where the tech fixed one small problem but I was still left with the thing that bothered me the most – black margins on the sides of the picture when on a national channel. For 2 years I had HD and never experienced this, and as a senior citizen with enough eye problems, I was not accepting what I considered inferior picture quality) later…in came my HERO, Ronald Fields, ID34016. What a wonderful person he is: happy, really knows what he is doing, polite, and very determined to fix this issue. In fact within 4 minutes he showed me how I could get past the black margin myself!!!! No one I had talked to during all the phone calls had even mentioned this.
    I got replacement receivers, and although I had only had the new ones way less than 30 days I had to pay $203 for the 1 HD and 1 Standard, but I did finally get what I has asked for. Ronald made the changes in good time, left no messy boxes, etc., he was certainly a pleasant end to what had not been a pleasant experience.

  6. Multiband Corporation says:

    Thank you for your feedback Ms/Mrs Fraley. We”ll be sure that the recognition is forwarded to Ronald and to his superiors.

  7. Multiband Corporation says:

    Thank you, Vicki. Michael will be recognized for his service under our “Great Jobs” program.

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