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You Know It’s A Tough Job… by Dustin Hill

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Daily, customers call us out to do our jobs; but it’s the chances that we get to go beyond the install and actually understand each customer individually that truly gives me pleasure in my work.

I’ll never forget a job I did in an apartment complex in Durham, NC. I went to do a routine installation of a cable box – a simple job just to get a customer television. The customer, an elderly woman, was very confused about everything and began to break down in front of me. After connecting the box to boot up, I started to listen as she told me how she had been forced to move from her home, and her one comfort was being able to watch her daytime programming. Previous technicians were unable to help her; there were some issues preventing an easy hookup from our distribution box to her television unit.

I began by reassuring her that we wouldn’t leave until everything was fixed and continued to comfort her as she told me her husband had recently died, her son was on deployment and her grandchildren were in Europe with her son; she was truly alone here and had no one else to turn to.

When I finished the installation, I showed her how to work the system and stayed a few extra minutes to help her program her box to her favorite channels and channel search functions that would never have been used. She turned to me and, in a quiet voice, told me “I haven’t had anyone ever just stay and listen like this. Usually people come in, go out and pay no attention to a little old lady like me. You have a good heart, son, and I hope you do well.”

I carry those words with me in my customer service every day. Regardless of my personal life and feelings that day, I always strive to make each customer happy and understanding. Even if there isn’t anything I can do, I will go out of my way to make sure that the customer is satisfied with whatever answer I can give them.

Dustin  J. Hill

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