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Great Job – Joshua Chadwick

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Nominated: 08/17/2012  Bloomington


My name is Mario. I had requested service from DIRECTV and that appointment was a week ago, 8/9/2012.

The service I received was excellent. The man you sent out, Josh Chadwick, did a great job. He was thorough, he explained everything to me, and he went above and beyond what I had requested service wise by noting several things that previous installers had done incorrectly and taking care of it.

He took the time to do things correctly, and made sure in the end that the service was at the highest levels.

I asked him to provide me his supervisor’s contact information because I wanted to make sure that I was able to express the fact that he did such a great job to that supervisor.

Please let me know if there are any further details or clarifications I can provide. Thank you for training your staff to provide such excellent service! It is part of the reason that I am such a loyal DIRECTV customer.

Thanks for your time,


Bloomington Market Area

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