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Multiband Associates Give Back

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

“Every year for the past 20 years, the owner of the Windmill Restaurant in Concord, New Hampshire, gives out totally free turkey dinners to those in need on Thanksgiving Day. This year, he gave out about 1,000 meals, including fixings and desert. I volunteered, along with several others, to deliver meals around the community to those elderly and disabled people that could not leave their homes – it was a humbling experience. To read more about this wonderful Thanksgiving Day event, go to

With the upcoming holiday season, now is a great time for my fellow Multiband coworkers to volunteer in some way to help others in their own communities. While donating money or items to a good cause is certainly a commendable contribution, nothing can compare to the donation of your time to someone in need. As we approach this holiday season, I hope we will all find ways to make a difference by giving back.”

Dave Katz

Boston North Market

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Multiband Associates Give Back… Radu Stoenescu – Burlington Market

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I’ve been a Firefighter at SPFD South Plattsburgh Fire Department for more than 2 years helping the community with fire, rescue, and auto accidents. I’m proud to be an EMT also and help people all the time. I’m very glad to give back to my community.

Multiband Associates Give Back… Dave Katz – Boston North Market

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Dear Mr. Glatz,

I am honored to be recognize as an “Elite Technician” and for the award of the “Richard Petty NASCAR Driving Experience.”  Thank you.

I believe that being an Elite Technician is not an individual effort. While I do work in the field alone, I depend on the efforts of many to do my job successfully. Dispatchers, IVR & Work Order Change personnel, trainers, my supervisor, warehouse workers, the office staff and my fellow technicians support me when I am on-site. Sure, things like spending more time with the customer on “customer education” is helpful, but it’s really a team effort that makes our customers’ satisfaction possible.

I’m not much into race cars and I think that one of our co-workers would enjoy the “driving experience” more.  I was wondering if we could raffle off that experience among my fellow technicians and donate the proceeds to charity. It would mean more to me to see this benefit a good cause… and I have one in mind. On my days off I volunteer at “Guiding Eyes for the Blind” (in Nashua) training puppies that will eventually become service dogs. I can tell you of no greater personal satisfaction in my life than seeing the contribution that one of these dogs makes to the life of someone less fortunate.

I am attaching an article on my work with service dogs and a link where you can see what one of the dogs I trained (“Anita”) does now for children with cancer at the Ronald McDonald House in Jacksonville Florida:

I would greatly appreciate it if you could find a way to make this possible.  Thanks.


Dave Katz

February 2012 – Training “Maxine” a Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy

Dave training “Puppy Anita” at the NEADS facility.

Presenting Anita to Ms. Joy
Hardaker, Director of the Ronald
McDonald House in Jacksonville
Florida on Graduation Day.