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Sometimes It’s A Tough Job… by Pete Budner, New Hope

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

On 2-16-12, I was contacted by Multiband receptionist, Suzanne Hemping, advising a customer – actually the entire family of four – was physically present in the New Hope, MN Multiband lobby requesting to speak to me about a billing problem experienced while the customer was traveling to their homeland in the Philippines.

The customers, an elderly couple, had left their Minnesota home to vacation in the Philippines, and designated their adult daughter as caretaker of their affairs while away. Unfortunately, the Multiband bill had gone unobserved and unpaid resulting in the suspension of their DTV programming. Following recognition of the service suspension, the daughter arranged for a technician visit to restore the service, but the scheduled technician was delayed resulting in lost wages and aggravation for the daughter. The customer was also disputing the charged $65 dispatch fee because of a misunderstanding regarding the Multiband Protection Plan (TPP). The customer was frustrated to the point of discontinuing their relationship with Multiband – in favor of a competitor.

After listening to the customers explain their frustrations and researching the Multiband service records, it was clear there was a series of misunderstandings and poor communication – with both parties culpable. To reestablish goodwill and retain the customer, I agreed to restore the service and waive the $65 dispatch fee while adding TPP to their account for security against any future service calls. The potential long-term revenue from a proven reliable customer (Premium DIRECTV programming, Multiband SURF and the TPP charges) more than offset the waiver of $65.

The customer left satisfied, the account was retained by Multiband, and the monthly billing was increased due to the addition of TPP. I am confident Multiband will have a long-term relationship with this customer and the final positive outcome will be shared by the customer with friends and family.

- Pete Budner, Sales & Support Center Manager